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3:54 PM
100th Release?!
Lol, okay I'm going to be honest. Baka-Updates Manga confuses me =P Basically I don't know when our 100th Release WAS ^^;
I was just going by the number of releases they said we did but then I realized something .. they grouped a bunch of releases that I know were singular releases, thus we already passed our 100th release who knows how long ago.
Haha, so because I don't know exactly when our 100th release was exactly, I crown this release our 100th ^^
We'll just continue on from this point ;) Plus now I have something to actually put in the title and I can keep track myself what the release number is .. form our well, made up 100th release (x I'm pretty sure we're only a few releases past our 100th though. If I had time I would go and actually count but .. I think you guys would rather me work on cleaning so you can read more chapters ;)
Another reason why this will be our 100th release is because we have 3 releases for you today ^^
I know, I know, we just released 2 chapters yesterday, but because we have such a wonderful dedicated staff we managed to pull together these releases as well ;)

On to the releases!

New Sexy Simpleton
With confusion over who is the real Khubillai, Mi Joo & Prince are running short on time to find the shoes which will take them back to the present time.

Crazy Girl Shin Bia

At the end of Volume 6 we see Shin Bia snooping on Yoo Baek.
What will happen once Shin Bia is caught by Yoo Baek? And what exactly is Prince Mu Yeong planning?!

Idol Shopping
Yes finally a new release~
The Saint Club is going on a trip!
What will happen once they reach their destination?
Update: Sorry I forgot to mention that the spellings of the names are a bit different due to different translators and different languages =P (Yunhee is our Vietnamese translator while Rapunzel is our Korean translator)

That's it for today's releases~
Now on to some recruiting!
If you'd like to see more updates for Idol Shopping please please please help us typeset and clean!
Unfortunately I can't continue typesetting this series because school will be starting soon. Additionally the "cleaning" position only involves cropping the pages and making sure the image is straight ^^
If anyone is interested please leave a comment or contact me!
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Thank you very much for the new release!!

He he he... that's funny about all this confusion of number of releases... crazy But, regardless, congratulation!! cake

Anyway, I'm very grateful for all these newly release chapters! THANK YOU to all the dedicated staff!! respect


Thanks everyone! I didn't even keep track of the releases. wacko

YAY! Thank you guys so much for all you hard work on these releases and CONGRATS on your 10...mumble..mumble...th release! hands

HAPPY 100TH/130TH RELEASE!! *throws confetti* :-D
I'm snagging Crazy Girl and Idol. Thanks for your wonderful work!!

I am really grateful for your fast releases!
It's always a pleasure reading them.

07/11/10 Crazy Girl Shin Bia 6 25 Hwang Mi Ri's Palace

This was your hundredth release.

Oh you're right ^^ Thank you~
That would be our 100th chapter release but I was hoping to find out which batch release this would be sad
Oh and in case any one is interested we've officially released 130 chapters =)

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