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Main » 2010 » September » 2 » Mystery of the Release Number!
6:05 PM
Mystery of the Release Number!
Haha, so it's bothering me.
What release are we really on?!
So, because I just had to get the answer I took a break from cleaning and began counting. Lol, seems like a simple enough task .. unless of course there were batch releases and then sometimes we didn't post when we released new chapters (x
However the task is finally completed.
Our "100th" release was actually release #116 =P
Oh and as stated in the comments after today's releases we have released 130 chapters ^^

It's safe to say I will now start numbering our releases so I won't have to track back =D
Anyways continue to enjoy today's releases~
This post was just to ease my mind (x
But now that I actually know the release numbers now Release #125 will be special ;) Maybe a chapter from each series? :o Who knows we'll see when the time comes!
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1 Rapunzel  
Thanks for counting Meilin. I'm glad one of us is keeping track. biggrin

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