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1:32 PM

Hi and welcome to our new website! Why the change? UCOZ gives us more options than BLOGSPOT.  The previous website only allowed one person to be an administrator, which means we were too dependent on one person to make changes to the website. UCOZ allows more than one person to be an administrator and authors are allowed to edit each other's post, unlike BLOGSPOT.  This enables us to make changes when we want to, without having to wait on one administrator to make the changes or posting more entries than needed.

The other reason is that we want to make a fresh start.  We want to have staff who are committed and reliable to this hobby.  We all have our own lives to live and juggling between our life and our hobby, can be tough at times. 
Our goal is to make fast releases and complete a whole series for your enjoyment. 

Our future goal is to scanlate manhwas that you people vote for. Giving the fact that the publishers are trying to bring manga/manhwa sites down, we will continue to upload our releases to this website, if MANGAFOX closes down.  We are committed and will do our very best.

We hope to bring you more scanlated manhwas and I hope you all support us.  Without you guys reading and enjoying HMR's manhwa, we will cease to exist.

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Thanks you for your hard work ^^ I like Hwang Mi Ri's manhwa so I'm happy to see that's someone want to translate some of her work ^^

I was thinking, will you translate sexy simpleton, the prequel of new sexy sympleton ? It may be selfish to me to ask for that project but I'd like soo much to have the prequel ^^ Or maybe is it released in England ? I don't know since I'm in France so ^^" By the way, sorry for my poor english. If I made some mistake, don't hesitate to say it to me ^w^

I'm glad you guys move to this new & nice website; I can now post comment successfully! happy

Just want to THANK YOU all of you guys for your dedicated, hard work!! love I'm always happy and looking forward to visit your website for any updates. Please keep up your wonderful work! hands

hahaha thanks! first vote! C'mon this particular series is different. i found the raws but i have no idea what it means lol. even so please continue scanlating!

Can i add The descendant of the dynasty to your poll? It's by the same mangaka. You should check it out! Can't wait for the latest chapters of Idol Shopping! Thanks again!:)

It's on the poll now. smile

Thanks for working on HMR! She's amazing! I know you've just moved but can I make a request?!

What's your request?

Thank you for all your hard work!! biggrin
I really like the new look of the homepage cool

Thank you for all the scans.

Thanks a lot for your hard work biggrin . I'm look forward to the next releases hands I like the new site.

Thanks for the appreciation. smile

nice website, i can't wait for more uploads of new sexy simpleton, i cant believe only 2 volumes are left sad ohh well thanx sooooo much for all the fast uploads!! thanx 4 everything!!!

Glad you are enjoying NSS. I always see you leaving comments. Thank you for being a loyal supporter. biggrin

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