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12:23 PM
Happy New Years everyone!
Over the past week I've been receiving numerous e-mails and reading some comments that I think everyone should have answers for ^^

1. Will there be another batch set for New Year's release?
Unfortunately there will not be :(
Releases will resume sometime in mid January when our lovely translator Rapunzel gets back ^^ HMR's Palace Staff will be using this time to relax, but don't fret! Once Rapunzel gets back we're going to try to push out more chapters of CGSB ^^ We've been working on this project for some time, so we'd really like to finish the rest asap.

2. Can I help by applying as a ________?
We'd love more help from committed members who preferably have previous experience. Right now we just don't have the time to teach others how to do certain tasks :(
If you have already contacted us about applying I should have responded to you by now (: I'm sorry if you don't hear from me for awhile (x I need to sort out who's working on what ^^;
Also, although we may be recruiting more typesetters and cleaners we won't be able to release more releases D: This is because Rapunzel is our only translator ^^; So if you'd like a lot more releases and know Vietnamese or Korean and are willing to help us out please contact us! ^^

3. Will we be picking up The Sexy Simpleton?
As far as I know I believe another group has picked this up. If it has been dropped when we have room to add on a new project we'll place this project on our poll (:

I think that's all =D
If there's any other questions I may have forgotten just leave a comment and I'll answer it ;D
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16 mellorine  
this works for me... i have an exam in a week... a big one, so I wont even know how much time passes.

looking forward to a CGSB release after my exam... :) but whenever you guys are ready to of course! :D

Happy new year!

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15 Luxi Liu  
Hello, my name is Luxi. I love all your projects, and I love Hwang Mi Ri :)
I have read almost all of your releases, and I would love to help.
I do have experience. I did proof-reading for Rosa Negra. I have also done typesetting for Pink Rose Scans.
I prefer proof-reading, because I don't have enough time for typesetting, as school is extremely busy. I would be happy to typeset, but only every so often.
I can't seem to find your test on your website, so if you could email me the proofreading/typesetting tests, that would be very helpful :)

P.S. I am studying AS Level Chinese, as I am Chinese, so I could do some translating, but I don't think you can get Chinese Hwang Mi Ri raws :S

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13 Shadow  
Q_Q I don't even know how to read Japanese. Issue is, if they could read Japanese, they probably wouldn't be visiting here. Q_Q Sorry to say that quite a lot of us are just leeches. Being a lecher myself, I would like to thank you for your hard work and a Happy New Year. Second thought, Happy New Decade. *sigh* T_T I only learned how to talk Chinese but never learned to read it XD. <-Fail

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12 Maya  
Happy New Year everyone! flower

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11 Unknown ---> contact me this
Oh i didn't knew Meilin is Asian and what language you speaking in chinese??? Im also is chinese, too.

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5 french  
hey !!! Bonne année 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!all of you
i wish you money,love etc....
yeeeeeeees new chapters of cgcb !!!!!!
i will wait until mid junuary for me that will passs quikly
in france ,the examen for high school begin *sigh*
merci beaucoup !!!!! take it easy !!!

(sorry for my english if i did few mistakes ;) )

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10 Meilin  
Thank youu ^^ Same to you and good luck on your exams!

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4 nmwsaranghae  
I'm a full Korean but I've been living in Australia my whole life...but since my parents don't speak English well, I have to converse with them in Korean...I could translate Korean to English...though even if I did probs only part-time...once school starts my parents will go crazy...bad to have Korean parents...they make you do every tuition possible...anyway let me kno?

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9 Meilin  
Thanks for expressing your interest in joining ^^
I'm Chinese and my parents are very strict! Especially when it comes to my studies :P If you're still interested in joining please send us an email using our Contact Us Form ^^

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14 nmwsaranghae  
did it work??? i sent an email but never got replied to???let me kno ? biggrin

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3 jackie  
***~~~*** grog HAPPY NEW YEAR, Hwang Mi Ri's Palace!! grog ***~~~***

May you all have a happy, healthy, energetic, PRETTY and prosperous New Year!!

Did you guys see any fireworks? I just LOVE fireworks! You can CHEER & SHOUT at the top of your lungs, and no one will even think you're rude. Isn't that nice?? biggrin

Yes, please relax and enjoy yourselves! yes

*very secretive thought*
Yes, make sure to work & slave REALLY hard for your mid-January release to us fans. he he he... evil

Psssssst, Melin, any new emoticons for the New Year? teehee

As for me, it has been a very hectic and tiring holiday season. *sigh* <== (opening gifts, eating, shopping & partying)

And because of that, I haven't had a chance to read any manga/manhwa this past week. I'm very behind right now... sad

Wait! I just had a horrifying thought! fear

In the not too distant future, what will happen to my manga/manhwa reading time when I finally have to pursue my (serious) professional career? <== *think doctor, lawyer, judge, etc., and not this ==> pimp

I'll be so sleep deprived that I can only see well with one eye! pirate

If that's the case, how do I expect to spare any time for downloading & pleasurable reading?? sadwalk

Arrrggghhh... cry life is getting harder & harder as you get more older (and wiser) <== (me).

What will make up for it, though, you ask? uhm

Well... lots of dollar and fame donatello will certainly do it! laugh

So, when you guys no longer see me in the "comments" section, assume that I've gone off to pursue my career goal. prof

Hmmm... on second thought, maybe I can persuade (bribe) my little brother to continue to download files for me to read on vacation time? brows

Just a note of warning, though. If you see "Yo! Thank you!" or "Thank you. Hmmmph!" or just plain "Yo!", please excuse his manner. tongue

This little gamer bangin here HAS YET to learn the meaning of "gentlemanly behavior." I wonder why when he has ME as an example---the epitome of graceful and well-mannered young lady. Hmmmm...

megaphone Attention, Hwang Mi Ri fans out there! Please leave lots of comments & continue to cheer for these hard working, dedicated staff members on forever and forever! ok

And I want you guys to know that, while I'm waiting in line to deposit money in the bank, you can be certain that I'll be thinking and missing all of you. weep

Will you miss me just a little, too? shy

*inner thought*
Of course, they will miss me BIG time! HO HO HO HO HO HO... no

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8 Meilin  
Jackie! happy
I hope you enjoyed your holidays! Haha I loved all the gifts, attention and food I enjoyed during mine =D It's so sad that I'm going back to school tomorrow sad
Good luck studying smile We'll definitely miss your comments!

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2 Unknown  
And im so glad you guy will released more CGSB Thank you very much!!! Can't wait until mid january HAHA...

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7 Meilin  
Glad you're enjoying our releases!

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1 Unknown  
i also is half vietnamese im not sure i can help or not??? vietnamese translator in english or english translator in vietnamese???

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6 Meilin  
Thanks for posting!
We need a translator to translate Vietnamese raws into english translations ^^
If you're still interested in joining please leave your e-mail address as a comment. Or to be more private you can also send us an e-mail using our "Contact Us Form" biggrin

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