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12:41 PM
The title says it all.
Hwang Mi Ri's Palace is recruiting~

At this moment what we really need are fast and dedicated typesetters!
Typesetters are the ones who type the English translations into the blank speech bubbles of the manhwa. These individuals are also required to have Photoshop or some other variant of an art program which would enable them to do the task required.

Those who are interested please leave a comment or use the "Contact Us" Form!

If you want to see more releases from your favourite manhwas please do apply ;)

~ Hwang Mi Ri's Palace's Staff
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7 faechilde  
I have photoshop, although I'm not very good at it. LOL Should you run out of qualified typesetters and be willing to train me, I'd be interested in helping out. smile

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6 smileyface  
I would love to be a typesetter and i know how to use photoshop.

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5 hime-chan  
oh! I forgot I'm one of your member in this website too,, smile (shirahime)

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4 shirahime  
I can typeset! :)
well, I'm an editor for tkscans (trouble dog and 1 chapter of Nae soong) and cleaner for mizuki scan, (just starting)
I can typeset 30 pages in a day. less than that if I have nothing to do. and I have tons of free time.. :)

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3 mangatensai  
I love this forum, and I would love to help out! I also know how to use photoshop :) Only problem is i won't be able to do a lot, since i have exams at the moment, but other than that I would love to help out!

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2 yeceniac  
same like Maya here i would love 2 help but don't have the program nor the experience sad hopefully we see a lot of other people who are willing 2 help and r very experienced and have those types of programs (i'm crossing my fingers in hope of that) either way thanx 4 everything!!!!!!!

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1 Maya  
Naturally I want more releases and I am willing to help. But I have neither experience or photoshop.
There's got to be sb better. dry
So only if there are no applicants and you're really desperate I'll give it a try under you guidance.

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