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3:14 PM
Release #117
Hehe we finally know which release we're on ^^
It was actually quite a feat trying to figure it out because in the beginning we did a lot of singular releases but now we're doing a lot of batch releases (x
So for today I'm here to bring two releases which will finish off the volume for two series ^^

New Sexy Simpleton
So, Mi Joo and Prince finally know who the owner of the shoes they're looking for is ^^
Will they be able to find the shoes?

Idol Shopping
See it didn't take a month and a half to update this time ;)
Please thank Rapunzel for her hard work translating ^^
Yunhee our previous translator for this series was busy, so Rapunzel graciously translated these two chapters for you all!
This chapter marks the end of Volume 9 and is really long ^^;
Hopefully this tides you all over until our next release ;)

Also continue voting on the poll!
We almost have 100 votes ^^ Thanks for voting everyone~
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12 wollfyn  
More Idol!! Woohoo! You guys are great! Thanks very much!

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11 Kamelot  
You guys are great! Can't wait for more Idol Shopping chapters, the curiosity to know more and more makes me burst into flames. Keep up the nice work!

~Special thanks to Rapunzel~

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10 assan7575  
Thank you for new releases!! Thanks for your hard work biggrin biggrin biggrin Thank you Rapunzel hands hands

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9 yeceniac  
thanx again 4 da very!!! fast uploads at this pace u will be done with new sexy simpleton very soon yeah!! lol thanks for da uploads u know everyone appreciates it a lot!!!1 biggrin

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8 Rapunzel  
I love reading all your comments. You're all welcome! ^^

Glad you are enjoying our releases. biggrin

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7 jackie  
Wow... you guys are spoiling us with these daily releases! THANK YOU!! kiss

And, Rapunzel, THANK YOU for bringing back Idol Shopping again!! flower

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5 yyxj  
Thank you :)

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4 Maya  
Thank you!
I didn't expect another release so soon.
How impressive!
Special thanks to Rapunzel and the team of HMRP! biggrin

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3 koala1976  
Thanks a lot for all your releases I always say it baut you are great, congratulations for the new site I hope it brings luck to all us Hwang Mi Ri fans and this site will be filled with a lot of her works jejejeje.
I'm also very happy with the new chapters of Idol Shopping Thanks a lot and keep up with the good work.
Kisses from Spain.

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2 faechilde  
Thanks for the new releases, for all the hard work that went into them and for the special people here at HMRP. smile

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