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1:33 PM
Release #119
It's finally the weekend~
Sorry about your releases yesterday ^^; I was busy so I didn't get around to releasing D: I've combined the releases with today's though ^^

New Sexy Simpleton
With the fourth prince's sister's wedding fast approaching Mi Joo and Prince have only a few more days before they return to the 21st century. What could possibly change before that time comes and why is Mi Joo so edgy?
Whoo~ Only a few more chapter to go ;)
Be sure to thank Rapunzel for her dedicated work translating and MzUniq for typesetting!

Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Bia is still being held capitive. Will Yoo Baek save her in time and what will happen to Vice Chief Amaru?

Idol Shopping
Se Ryun and Song Ih are held captive on an island by Se Ryun's enemies. Will Ga Yun reach them in time?
This chapter is extra long (x Please thank Rapunzel again for her hard work ;) She also typeset this chapter as I didn't have the time :D

Oh and about the poll!
We've finally reached over 100 votes! Thanks for voting!
Now one of the "special perks" for users is that they have the final votes to decide what our next project will be. In other words voting is no longer open for guests.
I was trying to think of a nice way to treat our loyal fans and this is the first thing that came to mind :P I'm thinking that from now on all polls on our next projects will only be accessible to users :)
It's not that difficult or lengthy to sign up though so if you want a say in our projects be sure to register!

Lol, right now I'm trying to think of what I can use for the File Catalog ;) Maybe special releases .. Hmm, we'll see (x I'll have to talk with the rest of admin ;)

That's all for today ^^
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone~
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6 jackie  
Yay, three new chapters releases! up Thank you SO MUCH, especially Rapunzel and, of course, MzUniq for typesetting NSS!! Much anticipation for the ending.... wacko

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5 yeceniac  
thanx 4 da new releases. Rapunzel u rock!!!!! ur soo fast and not just u everyone here @ HMR's palace is great!!!!!

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3 Maya  
Rapunzel sure works hard!
I enjoyed reading the new releases!
Thank you! up

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4 Meilin  
Haha yes! She's amazing ^^ cool

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2 nooon-sama  
i was waiting 4 ( Crazy Girl Shin Bia )
thank U soooo much ,,
we really appreciate all your hard works ,,

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1 Madlax  
Nice more Idol Shopping! Thnx Rapunzel for the hard work, keep up the good work guys, abit more and this will also be finished.

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