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10:56 AM
Release #122
Morning everyone ^^

I have more releases ;) Today we'll have the final chapter of New Sexy Simpleton! This marks our second completed project ^^ A special thanks goes out to everyone who worked diligently on this series and to the fans who keep us inspired to turn out these chapters!

Since we've finished one of our current series and we're trying to wrap up another (Idol Shopping). We'll begin working on our newest project ^^ According to the poll, the majority of you would like us to work on The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf! I'm really looking forward to these releases as I was really hooked on the story after reading the first volume ;)
This series may be another joint. We're currently working out the details on who's going to be doing what ^^

Now on to releases!

New Sexy Simpleton
Final Chapter!
Now that the 4th prince and his sister (recall that she was adopted~) are finally headed towards happiness, will Mi Joo and Prince find that same happiness?

Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Now that Amaru has been killed what will happen to the relationship between Ju and the Geo Yeo tribe?
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11 Overjoyed  
Thank you so much for Fox becomes Wolf!

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10 crystaldee  
Uhm..I kinda confused with the basically that the Prince is done "helping" the real owner of the shoes and back to the present world/dimension 15 days ahead before EunBi? *scratch head*
Then where's EunBi 15 days ago since the last time they part in the 13th century? Arghh...nice manhwa...but the ending was like.........uhm...yeah...


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7 yeceniac  
wow sooo happy and sad @ the same time, happy that u finished new sexy simpleton, but sad that there will not be any more new chapters because it ended sad but on another note I can't wait 2 read new chapters of the moment when a fox becomes a wolf!! biggrin

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8 Meilin  
I know D:
And yes The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf (but for my sanity I'm going to refer to it as FBW [Fox Becomes Wolf]) Lol.
I was so excited that I already cleaned 2 volumes yesterday happy

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9 yeceniac  
wow U were so excited u cleaned 2 volumes!!! wow ur amazing Meilin!!!!!!U and everyone else here at HMR's palace!!! u all rock and i'll probably use FBW as a short cut too it really is a long title lol!!! thanx again 4 all ur hard work!!

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6 jackie  
Yesss... the last chapter of NSS! BANSAI! BANSAI! BANSAI! hands

Ugh... I think that's the wrong language here... confused Let's start this over again...

Congratulations on finishing another Hwang Mi Ri project! "THANK YOU" all the staff members for your unending, dedicated hard work!! And, of course, thank you for the new chapter of CGSB!! love

Hmmm... the translated version IS much longer than the original, huh? cool

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4 Maya  
Congratulation on completing another project. cake
I am so glad I was able to read NSS because of your staff.
I sure hope you can keep up the good work and manage your private life as well.

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3 nooon-sama  
Amazing !!
U really deserve and earn our admiration
thankS 4 all your outstanding efforts
Special Thanks 4 continuing ( Crazy Girl Shin Bia ) "constantly"

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2 Madlax  
Cool now Idol Shopping will be the main! You guys should think about continuing Look for Oppa as well, been on hiatus for a while biggrin Keep up the good work!

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5 Meilin  
sad I know Look for Oppa hasn't been updated in ages!
Yunhee used to translate that series but then I believe there was a problem with raws cry I think Kira said she found some people willing to join our group to work on the project but I don't know what happened after that ^^;

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1 anna  
Thank you very much for completing New Sexy Simpleton!!

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