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11:37 AM
Release #123
 Thanks so much for your support everyone ;)
I enjoy reading all of your comments ^^

Today we have another set of releases for you so I hope you're looking forward to them ;) But before we get to those I thought I'd announce now that next month we'll be slowing down our releases to weekend releases only and at least one release a week. This is due to school (x Ahh, how we all love final exams and for me, midterms :P
I hope you guys understand! We'll be trying to push out as many chapters as we can until then though ;)

I also hope you're all psyched for our new project The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf! Since the title is so long I'll refer to it as FBW :P I've already cleaned 2 volumes yesterday so we're well on our way to releasing ;)

That's it for announcements, so on to releases!

Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Things seem to be going according to plan for Prince Mu Yeong. Will Yoo Baek and his troop safely cross the bridge back towards their territory?

This marks the end of Volume 7!

Idol Shopping
So now that Ga Yun knows that A Ul is really Song Ih, what happens next? And what will our mischievous friend Ha Jin do to help a heartbroken Se Ryun?

Wow, now this is a long chapter (x
This also marks the end of Volume 10!
Only 2 more volumes to go :3
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9 cliff  
thank you guys for the hardwork. I enjoy ur translation =) xoxo

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8 jackie  
Definitely, surely, tremendously, undeniably, stupendously looking forward to your releases! I'm a BIG fan of Hwang Mi Ri---in case you can't tell from all the adjectives. blahblah

That's perfectly all right about slowing down to weekends only. School IS the best; and I, too, get all excited and welcome all the exams with open arms... book *hoping my teachers can hear this!* tongue

Whoaaa... talking about psyching up for the new FBW project! Meilin, you're too amazing to clean TWO whole volumes in 1 day??!!?? respect If I sit that long in front of the computer, I'll be looking like THIS => online2long

Anyway, THANK YOU guys for your hard work on wrapping up the volume on both Idol Shopping & CGSB!! biggrin

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7 faechilde  
Weekend releases are fine by me. You all work so hard and with school in session, you need to make sure and allow time for studying. smile

Thanks for the new releases. Looking forward to reading the new project, FBW.

Hope HMRP will pick up other projects by this mangaka that have been dropped by other groups due to insufficient help or groups that have become defunct. tongue

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6 aeoppi  
Totally understandable. Thanks for spoils us with so many releases. I've started reading everything you release XDD I'm looking forward to everything esp FBW. You all are doing awesome work^^

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5 mellorine  
I quite simply bow to you... thank you for your manhwa releases!!

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4 blossom  
thank you very much for these chapters
and please take your time. school is more important :)

and yaaaaay for FBW
I was hoping to see more chapters of this manhwa ..
thank you for picking it up.. I'm sooo happy :')

you are the best <3

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3 Maya  
Thanks for the new and long chapters!
Focus on school and it'll be great if you could really upload once a week new chapters. And yes I also look forward to FBW!

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2 Madlax  
Well that was predictable since school is starting everybody is busy, lucky there will still be releases though and also lucky that Idol Shopping is ending soon! Still a long way with Shin Bia and i really hope that i will see some Look for Oppa chapter soon. Keep up the great work guys! biggrin

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1 nooon-sama  
definitely we understand ^^
and wish U a good luck

Thanks for the continued Great Work !
we will really enjoy the new releases ^^

about ( FBW )
I'm looking forward to it ,, It's sure to be exciting

Once again THANK U

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