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11:37 AM
Release #124
Wow thanks so much for all your responses ^^
I'll be sure to get back to everyone as soon as I can :)
Also, those who don't have experience are also welcome to join ;) And if you don't have Photoshop there are free programs that can be used instead ^^ I just said Photoshop because that's what I use (x

Now on to your weekend releases ;)

Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Last time we left Yoo Baek and Bia during their midnight sword training.
What's going on through Bia's head after their little romantic scene? ;)

Idol Shopping

Does anyone else think A Ul is possible still a little crazy? (x
Anyways, after disguising himself as Song Ih to go on an amusement park date with Se Ryun, what happens next?
Views: 708 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Idol Shopping, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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8 Maya  
As usually thanks for the new chapters! flower

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7 faechilde  
The effort and hard work put forth by the staff of HMRP is not only apparent, but also very much appreciated. Thanks for the great job. smile

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6 jackie  
Whew... almost missed a shopping trip earlier today. fear When your releases came out earlier, it came down to staying at the computer station or going out with the family. One leg still at the computer; the other leg heading for the door...

Arrggghhh... life is SO hard these days having to make this kind of decision... fool

At least, I got a new outfit for consolation. *preening at the mirror now* devil

Anyway, the MAIN point is to THANK YOU guys again for another great releases!! Without YOU, life would be too simple... rolleyes

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5 Madlax  
more Idol Shopping! I <3 u guys, always doinga great job!

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4 yeceniac  
HMR's Palace staff let me just say one thing you "ROCK"!!!!!!! ur awesome!! thanks!!

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3 nooon-sama  
i totally agree with the [above ] ^^
and iam looking forward 2 future releases of ( FBW ) ^^
OF COURSE we will wait patiently

all the "awesome" staff members 4 your continued and dedicated hard work!

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2 assan7575  
Thanks, thanks, thanks, what else can I say? biggrin You are just great!!!

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1 Mystearica  
All I have to say is... you guys are insane!!!!! I love your scanlation team and I'm glad glad some more manhwa is being scanlated *as I've totally became obsessed with it*

Again thanks fr the releases >....<

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