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11:26 AM
Release #125 & Recruiting
Hey everyone ^^
We have another release to finish off this weekend~

But before I get to that I'd like to ask everyone who wished to help out as typesetters to send us an e-mail. You can send us your e-mail privately by using the Contact Us Form. Please label the subject "Typesetter" or something relevant so we know that you're applying ^^
Everyone is free to join, whether you have experience or not. By telling us your e-mail address we'll be able to tell everyone at once what fonts will be needed (there should only be two :P) and if you don't have photoshop what other free art program there is that you can use~
Thanks again for signing up ;)

Now on to today's release!

Volume 11 Chapter 42
Like the picture? ;)
I got bored of only seeing words on the home page :'( Lol.

In the last chapter we saw that rumors have spread about Se Ryun getting a girlfriend. How will Ga Yun react to this news knowing that the girl he went on a date with was supposed to be Song Ih?
Will Song Ih really dump Ga Yun?
Lastly, has anyone ever wondered why Ha Jin wants Song Ih to choose Se Ryun?

Wow, so many questions.
Hopefully they get answered in this chapter ;)
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Thanks a lot , only one bit more and the proyect is finished. Really you are the greatest, the only ones that are able to finish HMR proyects.

You are a bunch of retards for scanlating these AWFUL stories that has the same story in every series. DIE HWANG MIRI. DIE ALL YOU RETARDED "FANS" who think she's cool

Grow up kid and tell your parents to teach you how to appreciate the work of other people. These guys are doing this with passion and are not even making money out of it, the least we can do is to appreciate their work, because they are doing this for fans. Simply put, if you don't like what they are doing why are you here commenting in the first place??!? And another thing, if you want to blame someone then blame the author.

Also you better change your attitude and i strongly recommend a good psychologist, maybe you had a messed up childhood and it's a pity if you leave it like this.

Thanks, I look forward to read more!

Boy, I can't believe there's only a couple of chapters left of volume 11 and then we'll be reading the final volume of Idol Shopping. Awesome job guys! smile

thank U 4 the new release ^^

Omg the last Idol Shopping chapter was a bombshell! I want more! You guys are awesome!

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