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5:45 PM
Release #126
Thanks to everyone who didn't let that one negative person ruin everything for everyone else ^^
It's beyond me why anyone would bother actually coming here to bash the projects, but what can I say (x
Anyways, this just goes to show that ucoz was a wonderful change :) We are able to close off comments to just users, but I like keeping it open to hear from those who don't want to sign up ^^ However, we are able to ban IP Addresses ;) Hopefully the problem doesn't persist or escalate, so that we can keep comments from everyone :)

Anyways, on to today's releases!
Just a word of warning I just quickly QCed all the chapters so if I missed anything sorry in advance :P

Volume 11 Chapter 43
Now that it's public that Se Ryun is dating someone, what will be the reaction of his fans and reporters?
And Ha Jin is at it again!
See what he's up to this time~

Just to keep everyone updated I'm still working my way through cleaning Volume 12 (x I'm more than half way there, but this time they're actually cleaned properly ;) The quality is similar to that of what you're reading from CGSB now ^^

Volume 8 Chapter 36
Yoo Baek vs. Prince Mu Yeong
Who will win the duel?

Volume 2 Chapter 5
We're finally starting our new project ;)
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16 sammieknd  
Just wanna know if that poster hates HMR hy the hell come here to specifically post on a HMR scan site/??. wacko

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15 Rizzz  
Thank you so much for picking up The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf, your release had really made me happy XDDD Thank you very much!

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14 koala1976  
Please don't let that people bother you, I'm a great yaoi fan and yaoi sites are usually insulted and even I know sites where some people broke all the download links, there are people in this world that can't live their life if they don't make other people suffer..

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13 jackie  
Whoa... didn't expect a release so soon, let alone 3 new chapters! Thank you very much!! biggrin

Meilin, I like the project pictures on the homepage---better than only just words. wink You could tell my preference just by looking at my goofing around with emoticons in your comments section. teehee

I also love the quality of CGSB; it's candy for the eyes. happy That's why I'll look forward to seeing volume 12 of Idol Shopping. Thank you for working hard on this!

Rapunzel, thank you for your tireless, translating & typsetting work!

And, Mzuniq, thank you for helping out with your typsetting skills!

Now, it's time to sneak off to read & pamper myself... icecream

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12 Madlax  
Wow, the new Idol Shopping chapter was really cool, the end of it really makes me look forward to the next one! I will also start reading FBW but when it gets more chapters translated (like 20 or something at least) so i can enjoy it much more biggrin Keep up the great work guys!

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11 Maya  
I was surprised to read "the comment", most certainly not your average leecher. Sb. who bothers not only to read some of HMRs work but also goes on your site to comment to hate. There are so many fanreaders who don't even bother to comment or sadly but true, don't know this site exists.
Instead of banning him maybe we should thank him for starting a conversation between all the HMR fans. But well you know, don't take it serious or bother to take action. You should leave the comment, it's sort of funny I think!

I was so happy to read FBW - I didn't expect it so soon! respect
Thank you so much.

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10 Thea  
Thanks for your hard work! <3

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9 faechilde  
Weh Hoo! Thanks for the triple release. Just when I think things can't get any better, they do. The start of a new project and releases for two of my favorites. smile

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8 anna  
Thank you very much for the new release!! And a new project as well!! *happy*

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7 yeceniac  
I really can't wait 2 see what happens in Idol shopping, i also can't believe that after volume 11 there is only 1 more volume left sad ohh well at least we will be getting new series and more Crazy girl Shin Bia,!! biggrin

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