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Main » 2010 » September » 16 » Release #127
7:39 PM
Release #127
Back for another set of releases ;)
We seemed to have a huge positive response to our new project, FBW fans are in for a special treat today ^^

Volume 2 Chapter 6
Volume 2 Chapter 7
The story gets more complicated as "Eun Song" transfers to "Yoo Ha's" school.
Two chapters ;)
This was made possible due to our new typesetters ^^
Please welcome Yecenia & Cinnamon Spice to our team!

Volume 8 Chapter 37
Yoo Baek is suspicious of Prince Mu Yeong, will he catch him as Black Panther?

Volume 11 Chapter 44
Ha Jin is causing more trouble!
Will Ga Yun misunderstand what happened between Se Ryun & Song Ih?
This marks the end of Volume 11 ^^
One more volume to go and then this series will be complete~
Updates for this series will start again next week :)
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Only one word: AMAZING!

Ooohhh... all these new releases! surprised THANK YOU to all the staff members!!

And a BIG welcome to Yecenia & Cinnamon Spice! hello

Boy... I feel all cuddly & spoil at the moment---like being fed a sumptuous feast at the palace. king

And, of course, I must thank you for contributing to me looking like this online2long these days...

Might even be a permanent fixture at the computer station too... sleep


Your comments are always funny to read Jackie! happy

Thanks for all the work, I like the new series FBW

OMG!!! a new release of The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf XDDD
Thank you very very very much!!! I love you people!

heya! thanks for the releases!!! you really did a great job xD

You are amazing! Thank you very much for the new release!!

WOW Thanks for the very fast releases, Idol Shopping nearly finished cry , great work.

" so fast "
U R really unique ^^
I'm pretty sure everyone like me really appreciates your time spent in every chapter you release
Thanks and Regards

Thanks so much for the new chapter releases and to Cinnamon Spice and Yecenia.

Yayy!! Thanks soooo much for the new chapter!!!! <3

Thanks for all you hard work!!!!! biggrin =^-^=

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