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9:44 PM
Release #128

A Tackle On My Life
We had the first chapter released awhile ago but never really announced it ^^;
This project will be released about once a week.
This is cleaned by Faythlyn and MzUniq will also be helping!
A button or image or whatever you want to call it will come soon =P
Views: 686 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: A Tackle on My Life
Total comments: 7
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7 pyi  
i can't believe it.

thx a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m super happy that you picked this up

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6 nooon-sama  
looks interesting !!
the summary makes me curious,,
I'll wait patiently to the first volume 2 release
2 start reading it ,,

by the way
iam waiting on tips of my toes for the new releases of (FBW) happy
Thank U >> countless

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5 jackie  
Wow... another new project already?!? Awesome guys! THANK YOU!! biggrin

Another BIG welcome to your new staff member, Faythlyn! hello

At least, if it's here, I don't have to worry about "more" unfinished series. sad

Too many sites are taking on too many projects or really slow in releasing. I mean, 1 new chapter in 3-6 months? How about 1 in 6-12 months??? cry

It's like we got hooked, lined and hung up to dry like a dried, salty fish. Hmmm... sounds kind of tasty, though... huh

Of courseeeee... I'm still greatful for their effort & time. For a long, worthy series, it's worth waiting for, right???

What's a little gray hair, wrinkles and, maybe by that time, start to collect pension checks, eh? weep

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4 Maya  
Thanks for picking this project up too. It certainly does look interesting.

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3 faechilde  
Yeah! A new project begins. Thanks to all at HMRP for the wonderful job they do. smile

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1 koala1976  
Thanks a lot for this new proyect I knew chapter 1 had been released some time ago but nobody continued the proyect , thanks I nver have enough of HMR wotk.

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2 Rapunzel  
You're welcome and neither do I! biggrin I'm glad to share the joy that her story brings. ^^

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