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12:19 PM
Release #131

Volume 12 Chapter 45
As promised here's the start of Volume 12!
Ga Yun is still waiting for Song Ih, will she up or does A Ul have other plans?

Volume 9 Chapter 40

Bia is still recovering from saving Prince Mu Yeong.
What will happen was Ka Yeon finds out that her brother is dead?
Views: 713 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia, Idol Shopping
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12 french  
hi !from france !! first for you HARD work if you aren't there i will never knows these manga

this getting exiting every time i read cgcb i'll be waiting for the next release *love*

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10 faechilde  
Thanks for the releases and everyone's hard work. smile

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9 koala1976  
Only a bit more to see rhe ending of Idol Shopping I can't wait for more jejeje. Thaks a lot for today doublr release.

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8 Maya  
Thanks for the new chapters!

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7 jackie  
Oh yesss, the last volume of Idol Shopping & a new chapter of CGSB! You guys are soooooo great! THANK YOU!! biggrin

Since this is a palace, I think it's befitting to share my profound vision with you all: deal

angel *** How To Be A "Model" Student" *** angel

1) Three importants words to live by - study, study, and study.
(NO reading manga/manhwa until after having studied & done all the homework)

2) Dress - must dress conservatively at all times.
(NO cosplay costumes & varieties of hair color)

3) Walk - must always walk in a ladylike manner.
(NO skipping, running & strutting in the hallways)

4) Exercise - must move in elegance manner.
(NO sudden movements that depict vulgarism)

5) Smile - friendly & politely.
(NO wide & idiotic grins---even when daydreaming of manga/manhwa)

6) Laugh - must laugh daintily & quietly.
(NO outburst of laughters or rolling on the floor)

7) Eat - slowly & in small portion
(NO gulping, chomping or belching)

8) Anger - hold IT in even if it kills you,regardless of the shades of your face color.
(NO raising of your voice, pulling hair, or fist fights)

Have I reach THIS enviable status???


(to be continued...) rolleyes

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6 sammieknd  
Thank you for the releases, and I also prefer Mediafire , I find that Mediafire is faster than Megaupload and MF doesnt have the waiting you get on MU.
Anyways thanks for all your GREAT work!!!!!

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4 nooon-sama  
THANK U alots 4 all your outstanding efforts ^^
keep going pliZZ >>>

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1 Madlax  
No link for Idol Shopping 45? sad anyway nice work! been waiting for it biggrin

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2 Meilin  
Sorry Mediafire didn't upload it properly.
It's there now =)

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3 Madlax  
Thnx for the hard work! you guys rock! cool

Btw i made a comparison between Mediafire and Megaupload. Download speed on Mediafire compared to Megaupload (i barely can download the ch with 200 kb/sec while on Megaupload i can download them with over 1Mb/sec) sucks badly, at least in my case. Even upload speed on megaupload is better than on mediafire and idk why but many times i saw mediafire crashing or sthing like that. You might wana concider switching file-hosting sites. Just a suggestion. biggrin

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5 Meilin  
I actually don't like either of those two because they have waiting periods ^^;
Also, Mediafire doesn't take long to download considering the chapters are small files. It sucks that sometimes it goes down, but it's just something we have to deal with.

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11 messybun  
Hi Madlax, I think it differs per location and traffic ^^ Others would sport a total opposite of your experience, while others would relate.

Plus from what I remember, Mediafire's interface was easier to maintain for the uploader.

On the downloader side, speed issues aside...

Megaupload has download slots limits based on your country, has a download volume limit per time, and doesn't support parallel downloads.

While Mediafire doesn't (on all of the above).

Though it's been a while since I've used the two heavily, so I might be outdated.

To Meilin and HMR Staff, yey releases! So happy to start my day like this! Thank you so much!! love

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