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1:12 PM
Release #133
Hi everyone ^^
Remember when I said a few weeks back that releases will soon only be held on weekends for some time due to school?
Well that time has finally come.
Rapunzel will be having finals soon and I will be having my midterms shortly after that. Thus, it's time to hit the books book .. but not the ones we like.
However, before our releases have to slow down a bit, we're here to bring you a big release this weekend ^^
As a special treat the staff has prepared a release from each of our current projects!

Volume 1 Chapter 4
Hmm, not much to say yet.
Still trying to sort out the different characters ^^;
This series seems promising though~

Volume 9 Chapter 42
Prince Yoo Hui's fiance has arrived and she seems to have taken a liking to Yoo Baek!

Volume 12 Chapter 47
After falling off the cliff what happens to A Ul & Song Ih?
We're almost done this project~
There should be either 1 chapter or maybe 2 left before it all ends.
Another chapter should be released sometime during the week ^^
(This will be the only project that won't exactly be released on the weekend since translations are already finished.)

Volume 2 Chapter 16
I know quite a few of you have been looking forward to this release ^^

Volume 3 Chapter 10
Hmm, I've realized for awhile that I'm not quite sure what to call them ^^;
So the last time we left off with "Eun Song" beating up Hyeok.
What will the real Eun Song do once she finds out?
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Total comments: 11
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11 babygirljj  
hey!!thanks so much for all these great releases!!
your job is impecable like always!!*is in awe*

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10 assan7575  
Thanks soooo much biggrin I'm in heaven biggrin biggrin

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8 faechilde  
Thanks so much for the awesome releases. smile

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7 koala1976  
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh NSS is finidhed I missed the last two chapters, could that happen to me¿??¿

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9 Meilin  
Hehe enjoy the end of NSS smile

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6 koala1976  
Today such a wonderful release, all proyects except NSS had been updated, lately you are working so hard for all of us...Thanks a lot.

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5 jackie  
Wow... you guys ARE outdoing yourselves with this big release! shock And I'm glad to see Look for Oppa! is starting up again! happy

Awwwwwwesome & THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! love *jumping up & down silently, but fervently*

.........*catching my breath first, before continuing*.........

Anyway, I just happened to glance in the mirror earlier while reading one of Hwang Mi Ri's manhwa. blink

Almost scare me there... It was NOT pretty... crazy

I don't think this looks is befitting a young, attractive, gently bred and well-mannered lady like me. angel *preening now*

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who in the land is fairest of all? devil

Hmmmmm... What ARE my chances on that one??? shutup

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4 nooon-sama  
you're " definitely" the greatest
much love and thanks and our regards to all the Staff

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3 Kiayin  
Thank you so much :) good luck on your exams!

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2 oliver  
ah! so much releases, I enjoyed your work and thank you to all members of your team .

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1 sammieknd  
Yay! Thanks for all todays releases, and glad to see an update to look for oppa! biggrin

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