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3:56 PM
Release #134
Another release~
A special thanks to the folks at Loyal Kiss who helped to bring this release!

Volume 1 Chapter 1

Views: 754 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: High School Bullying
Total comments: 10
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10 yuuri89  
aw.. really?! =( okay then. thanks for the hard work!

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8 yuuri89  
can i proofread?

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9 Meilin  
Sorry, we already have two proofreaders for this series smile

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7 messybun  
oh wow! O_____O I was curious about this serie and was wishing someone would scanlate. Thank you so much for picking it up!! love

Re. your exams, aja-aja! It's awesome how you guys balance your hobbies and studies. thumb

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3 jackie  
Another new project release already?? Are you guys trying to spoil us to death or
what?!? biggrin

flower ---THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!--- flower

But now, we'll miss you dreadfully when the weekend releases only starts! sad

Rapunzel, good luck on your finals! If you become a professional interpreter, I can already predict your future. What is it, you ask? It's this ==> dollar

And Meilin, I'm sure you're jumping with joy over upcoming midterms. wink Ahhh... such unimaginable pleasure in taking the exams... *lost in thoughts* <== dry

Anyway, make sure to hit the right books, you two! Heh... it's nice to be the one doing the lecturing for a change. cool

Okay, I've just finished downloading. So, without further ado it's time to hit the "serious" book business... rolleyes

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4 Meilin  
Your comments are always so enjoyable to read ^^
My midterms are actually at the end of October/ beginning of November so that's when I'll be disappearing for awhile teehee
wacko I can only imagine what my reading week is going to be like
I'm planning on cleaning a few more volumes during my break though. I'll probably put up a poll for the series I clean to see which to clean more of, or I could always just do an equal amount of volumes for them ^^
Now it's back to reading book
Thanks for all your support!

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2 Maya  
By reading the first chapter I can already tell that I like this manhwa.

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5 Meilin  
I'm glad you're enjoying the new series cool

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1 sammieknd  
Thank you for the new project, Many Many Thanks biggrin

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6 Meilin  
Thanks for your support~
I'm glad you like the new project!

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