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9:44 AM
Release #135
Without further ado, here's the last chapter of Idol Shopping ^^
Special thanks goes to all the staff who worked on this project!
And to the fans that kept us going ;)
This marks our third completed project!

Volume 12 Chapter 48
Views: 678 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Idol Shopping
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16's finished.....a complete project
im so happy XD youhouuuuu thanks you all
that's great you have made work awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!
im lucky that i can understand english XD XD

Thanks for all the congratulations. booze

We will strive to bring you more completed series. ok

Congratulations on a job well done! Thank you very much for all your time and effort. Hugs!

Yeah. The project is complete. You all deserve a bit round of applause. Congratulations! smile

Woah! Like many others, I kept checking into the site even though there was an announcement that realeases are only on weekends. And then I find this today? This is pure awesomeness! hands heart

Congratulations on the completion of the serie! I can't wait to re-read it, from start to finish, all over again. Thanks for all your hard work, bringing this to us. Page-flippers like us are hopelessly spoiled by you girls.

~*~*~*~ Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! ~*~*~*~
(Originally spoken in Korean, but automatically got translated by Rapunzel)

Rapunzel, Meilin & MzUniq, can you hear the thunderous applause from us fans??? hands

THANK YOU SO MUCH for working so hard to finish Idol Shopping!! biggrin

Ahhhhh... this IS so nice... BUT now, I'm in a dilemma...

"To study, or not to study: that is the question!" huh

My #1 rule has always been: NO entertainment until after having studied & done all my homework. It's like work first, and then, REWARD. icecream

Nevertheless, I'm finding it harder and harder nowadays to resist the temptation to read the new releases first. sad

Arrrgggghhhhhhhh... what will become of me with such lack of willpower??? cry

Since I'm known for my self-discipline, how can I wake up in the morning and show this attractive face to others like this??? *patting my hair & batting my eyelashes* kiss

What's the solution then?

Umm... I'll have to get back to you later; I'm busy at the moment... *singing & doing ballet pirouettes in front of the mirror*

~~~la la LA LA la... la la LA LA LA la la...~~~
(in case you can't tell, it's opera music)

Sounds good, no??? no

There isn't much that can be said other than a heartfelt: "Wonderful job! Congratulations! and Thank you! "

yuppy so happy!!!!!! another finished project by u all. Ur awesome!! biggrin

Thank you so much!!!
You guys completed another project.
Congratulation booze

yupiiiiiii, the last chapter... thanks a lot you are so great, thanks

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