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12:30 PM
Release #136
Heyy everyone ^^
Here are your weekend releases~
We have a new chapter for almost all our projects. HSB will be updated sometimes next week. Maybe even next weekend's releases, we'll see ;)
Anyways, after this week I'll be off for my "reading week"!
Along with studying I'll also hopefully be able to clean more volumes for CGSB and FBW ^^
I think we're running low on cleans right now so I gotta start working on that again ^^;

Enjoy your releases!

Volume 3 Chapter 17
Another chapter ;)

Volume 3 Chapter 11
Will Yoo Ha and Eun Song finally switch back to their rightful bodies?

Volume 1 Chapter 5
This concludes Volume 1!

Volume 9 Chapter 43
This concludes Volume 9~
Celestial Bia and the Princess have a dance off?!
Views: 1285 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, Crazy Girl Shin Bia, A Tackle on My Life, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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13 cyty1994  
when a takle on my life chp 13 will be release
it has been 19 days
i can't wait anymore

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12 mary  
thaank you soo much, this was one of my hardest week ever soo much homework it almost killed me, and you have just made my day.... I also really love you're speed, especially since you're able to release quite a few chapters even when youre busy, quite impressive shows how devotet you are...

anyway I reeeeaaalllyyy appreciate all youre hard work thanks so much..

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11 mellorine  
you guys are hardcore! I love it!

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10 Maya  
Nice! biggrin
Thanks for the weekend release!

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9 Madlax  
Nice! more Look for Oppa and Shin Bia, Love you guys! love

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8 gatobus  
thanks a lot for the releases,you really work hard!

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7 koala1976  
Thanks a lot or today release, You had bring light to this dark weekend without a single new reñease I liked jejejejeje Thanks a lot ;P

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6 nooon-sama  
very impressive ^^
Thank U sooo much
plizz keep going ^^

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4 jackie  
Yay! Another weekly releases... happy THANK YOU, guys!!

Meilin, we really appreciate your "cleaning" duties. Make sure to have FUN during your reading week! Think of it this way... now you can really concentrate more on pleasurable studying duties. Isn't that sound nice? wink

And then, you'll have less time on cleaning, editing, posting, updating, etc. *What drudgery! Ugh...I can feel your pain, Meilin! Hear ye! Hear ye!" megaphone

And, MzUniq, THANK YOU for resurrecting Look For Oppa! with such great RAWS & cleaning work. smile


Lately, I seem to find myself subconciously "wishing upon a star" for a new chapter of this and a new chapter of that. What's up with that, eh? confused

At my tender young age, I should be wishing for sumptuous meals, lavish vacations, glittering jewelries, exclusive clothing labels, luxury car, etc. So why am I lowering my prospect with just wishing for new releases, ha?!? angry

*ding-dong* Ah, my poor, but devoted boyfriend IS here! *Psssssst* NO further comment... fear

I'm ALWAYS happy with just burgers & fries at McDonald's, darrrrllllllllllinnggggggg...!! heart



Vanished into thin air???

Err... no... into McDonald's. <== We got to eat ice cream, too! icecream

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5 Meilin  
Lol, omg you're not going to believe this ...
But I was just eating a burger and fries from McDonalds (X

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3 Fajer  
Love your SPEED *.* and of course your releases ;D

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