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3:38 PM
Release #137
Hi everyone ^^
Here are your weekend releases~
Unfortunately I was unable to get you guys a chapter of HSB with this batch release D; It will be released soon though, I've just been sick recently and didn't have time to fix up a few things.
Today's releases will begin two new volumes for CGSB and ATOML~

Volume 10 Chapter 44
Last time we left Bia and the Princess fighting.
Will someone come to Bia's rescue?

Volume 3 Chapter 18
Roy is still searching for her oppa!
Will this guy be the one?

Volume 3 Chapter 12
Yoo Ha and Eun Song have decided to remain the way they are for another week.
What happens when people start getting suspicious of them?

Volume 2 Chapter 6
Lol, I'll be honest the first volume of this series had be slightly confused.
However after reading this chapter I think I'm starting to understand what's going on ^^
Views: 1030 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, A Tackle on My Life, Crazy Girl Shin Bia, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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15 Ner0  
Thank you guys so much! I friggin love this author stuff, and specially the moment a fox becomes a wolf, since the other scanlation group stalled it.
PS: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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14 mary  
thanks alot for all the hard work, I wouldn't know what to do if it wasn't for guys....

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13 Saya  
Thank you for fox becomes wolf! I'm lovin' it!!!

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12 Rizzz  
Thank you very much for The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf biggrin
My very bad day had become little better, I really appreciate the staff's hard work ^__^

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9 animegirl101100  
hola ;P the link for looking for oppa is fox becomes wolf... wheres 18 of lfo??? mee

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10 Meilin  
Sorry about that ^^;
It's fixed now~ If it ever happens again just be sure to check the "Current Projects" page because I also copy the links there and there's also links to the volume in case I mess up individual chapters (x

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8 jackie  
What an awesome team! With Rapunzel being busy with finals, and Meilin being sick recently, you guys can still release 4 new chapters this weekend?!? respect

THANK YOU SO MUCH, guys, for being sooooo nice & generous with us fans!! love

Meilin, get well soon; you MUST be 100% ready for the upcoming joyous, reading week, okay? *Can you see me cheering for you energetically over here?* teehee


Why is it that I'm starting to feel like a court jester in this palace lately??? huh

Aren't I supposed to be a "princess" residing on the throne over here with you guys??? :king:: <== *imagine with long, shining, beautiful tresses*

*Pssssst! Meilin, can we have more princess-related emoticons?*

Anyway, since I'm doing double duties here, can you guys consider paying me a retainer fee? dollar <== *mucho dinero*

Rapunzel? Can you take time off from your finals and seriously think about this?

Meilin? ...

Anyone??? ...

(thunderous footsteps)

HO HO HO HO HO... They're coming. They're coming! *basking in self-satisfaction*



HEY!! Where's everybody??? HEY!!

Oh well... they must have important salon appointments to keep... *mumbling & patting my long, shining, beautiful hair*

(heard a noise from behind)

Oh, Meilin, you're still here!! biggrin Can we negotiate the terms, my fellow McDonald's customer? deal

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11 Meilin  
king <- At least now there's a king smiley. Lol, I'll look at the other emoticons later wink And if you have any specific images you'd like if you can send me a link to the image I can actually add it on biggrin
doctor I'm actually feeling a lot better now~ Haha I don't want my reading week to be spoiled because of a cold (x That would stink sad

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7 nooon-sama  
wooow !! What a lovely update !!
U guys R hardcore ! Your hard work is greatly appreciated !
so keep up the good work
once again ThankS a lot

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4 sammieknd  
Thanks so much for the new chapters <3. biggrin

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3 Maya  
Thanks for the weekend release!
I am always looking forward to it.

And get well soon, Meilin! bye

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6 Meilin  
Thank you happy
I hope you enjoy the releases~

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2 koala1976  
Thanks a lot... are you going to release only on weekends from now on¿?? you did a wonderful work, thanks.

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5 Meilin  
For a little while it'll be only weekend releases.
Around December for sure we'll be releasing more. Or at least I'll have a lot more time to clean (x

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