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11:35 AM
Release #138
Here's your release!
I now it's been awhile and that you guys were probably looking forward to more but hopefully you can all wait until things ease up a bit for us ^^

Volume 3 Chapter 13
Yoo Ha is really sweet :3

In other news, some of our projects will be retranslated into a different language. We'll have a page set up too about our affiliates as soon as I get the time (x
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ohh now I get it heh, well glad to hear that...I was just a little bit worried when I first read it, but for once in a while I am glad that I misunderstood it...

thank U sooooooooooooooo much
we are always looking forward 2 your releases >> always always
and iam soooooo happy that its >> FBW

thanks a lot for the hard work, I love this proyect more an more, thanks a lot.

Honestly, I was really looking forward to a new chapter of FBW!
Thanks a lot.
Take your time we will wait patiently. yes

thaanks for the new releases, but I just didn't get why you wanted to translate the same mangas in other languages?? because I think most people know english, and wouldn't that slow down??

anyway thanks for all youre hard work

Oh, no what I meant was that other groups are going to be retranslating some of our projects to a different language.

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