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11:21 AM
Release #142
Here's your treat for the weekend :3
And early Happy Halloween~

Volume 10 Chapter 46
Bia goes horseback riding ;)

Volume 4 Chapter 15
A lot of people are becoming suspicious of Yoo Ha and Eun Song :o
And how does Yoo Ha really feel about Han Bi?

Volume 2 Chapter 8
Ka Ram and Kang Y are so cute :3

Hi, it's Rapunzel here. I know there are many people that are confused in this series and I want to clarify it for everyone. 

Both girls with the same name (Ka Ram) are twins, obviously.  One is Yu Ka Ram and the other is Han Ka Ram (Mia).  Yu Ka Ram is the one living with her mother and the evil stepsister. Yu Ka Ram is interested in Kang Y but her stepsister also likes Kang Y and told her not to be with him anymore. She goes to a different school from her stepsister but is in the same school as Kang Y. You can differentiate her from her hair being down all the time.

Now as for Han Ka Ram (Mia), she goes to the same school as the other Ka Ram’s stepsister and the Devil. This Ka Ram wears glasses and she is a nerd in disguise so that her enemies won’t find her.  She eats a lollipop when she is stressed and can’t eat it when she’s at school, hence why she went to the toilet to eat it when the Devil’s gang gave her all their bags to carry.  She was also the one that found the ring when it was dropped under her normal identity, with two small plaits.  She goes to work under her normal identity. She was asked to be with the Devil for work purposes, which she hates and only did it to earn money.  She pretends to be weak in front of the Devil at school.

I hope this sheds light into all the confusion.  Feel free to ask me questions relating to this series, if you’re confused.  I’ll try and explain it as best I can. 

Volume 3 Chapter 20
Roy comes to an important realization!
This marks the end of volume 3 :)

The next chapter of HSB should be released tomorrow or Monday ^^
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Thanks for the release, specially for The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf

Thanks for the release of CGSB~!

I was also first interested in anime only :3 Cutie Boy was also the first manhwa I read cupid I think the first manga I read was .. probably Vampie Knights or Ouran High School Host Club.
In other news, I have a nice break between for my next midterm yahoo
Finally time to catch up on some sleep sleeping

we don't know
how to thank you enough.
I feel I'm already getting tremendous rewards for doing " nothing"

LOL jackie. I'm a daydreamer like you too and I want to turn everyone into a Hwang Mi Ri fan. I guess it's working!!! biggrin

Thanks a lot, This week you had released a lot. in the middle of the week and now on weekend, thanks a lot truly. for all your work,thanks.

Thanks for spoiling us!

Lots of releases. Yeah. Thanks for your hard work and kindness. smile

Thank you smile biggrin

yaaaah thanks you soo much for the new releases youre simply awsome...

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