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11:06 AM
Release #144
So, finally the craziness of midterms/finals has mostly subsided =D
Now we can try to get back into our normal weekly releases :3
And we might just have something else planned, but I'm not positive when that's going to start.

Here's your releases for last week:

Volume 2 Chapter 9
I noticed some questions floating about on MF forums. Hopefully this chapter will answer them (:
This marks the end of Volume 2!

Volume 4 Chapter 16
More trouble unfolds once "Eun Song" says she's dating Han Bi.

Volume 10 Chapter 47
What happens when Princess Asyantia tries to use a Love potion on Yoo Baek? :o

More releases will be on their way this weekend ^^
Views: 937 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia, A Tackle on My Life, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
Total comments: 9
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9 Xina  
OMG! :D thank you very much for your update X3
I can't wait to read the next one =)
Great work to everyone! please keep it up *_* /

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8 Maya  
Thanks a lot for the releases!

So happy to read them!

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7 nooon-sama  
Thank U 4 all your outstanding efforts and hard works

Good job as usual

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6 gatobus  
Thanks a lot!

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5 faechilde  
Thanks for the new chapter releases. Hope mid-terms went well for everyone. smile

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4 koala1976  
Thanks a lot for today releases, i'm cery happy there is soemthing new :) thaks you never fail.

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3 Aura  
Thank you! You guys are amazing.

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2 mary  
thaanks alot for the new releases, so nice to hear that you are soon able to go back to the way it was,, and I really appreciate all the hard work you have done despite having midterm...

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1 Mel  
Thanks for the releases!

Good job :-)

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