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9:00 AM
Release #146
Here's a mini release for everyone :3

Volume 11 Chapter 49
Start of a new volume ^^
We left off the last time with Bia leaving the rest of the hunting group.
Views: 741 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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11 lollipop  
omg i really luv this manga thank you a billion times for downloading it, i can't wait to read the next one

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10 ren  
thank you for this!
I just started reading this manhwa. and it's a good one for me! :))

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9 kagome999  
nice cleaning xD

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8 Hime  
Thanks so much for the release of this chapter!!! Keep up the great work!

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7 Benjamin  
1 nooon-sama... kill yourself and come back to life in a week... or freeze yourself until its finished translating.... or do drugs so the time will go faster...

Thanks for the release! keep up the good work!

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6 jackie  
Oooo... a new chapter of CGSB... This is like a surprise gift! Thank you, Meilin & Rapunzel, on your hard work on this!! happy

This past week, while re-reading some of Hwang Mi Ri manhwa, I'm starting to notice that the heroine had a tendency to gorge on food, threw herself on the bed and promptly fell asleep. sleeping

While I was chuckling over this, I had several revelations: uhm

--Should I be laughing right now and supporting the heroine on her bad behavior?

--Is this the image we, ladies, should be striving for?

--Can anyone honestly tell me that this IS an attractive way to entice the bishies???

So, what should I be doing or preaching? dont

--Immediately wipe the grin off my face and assume a stern look of disapproval. Hissing, booing, catcalling, taunting and jeering are not "unbecoming."

--Ladies DO NOT gorge on food. We must eat and chew slowly and, hopefully, in small portion. IF you're still hungry, I mean, really hungry, then find a very secluded place (secret hideout) to stuff yourself to your heart content. That way, none the wiser. And, if you gain weight, you can use the "health-related" or "blame it on the genetics (hereditary)" excuses.

--DO take a shower before going to sleep. You want your body to be sweet-smelling, soap-scented, or perfume-scented; AND NOT, emitting sour or offensive body odor. That way, you'll be ready for action at any time --- kiss on the cheek, pat on the head, peck on the lips and whatever. <== *use your own imagination at this point*

--DO brush your teeth before going to sleep. The last thing you want is your loved one exclaiming, "Smell like dead rat!" or "Smell like rotten canal!"

--It's so unladylike to sleep with your mouth wide open! DO NOT think that the air will circulate and make your breath smells fresher with this method.

--And finally, definitely NO drooling! The bishies will run away before they can smell your sweet-scented body.

gossip But then again, drooling is a way to test how much the guy loves you. How so? If he's looking at you lovingly upon seeing THAT, he REALLY loves you! However, if he's looking at you disgustingly, he REALLY questionmark you. <== *up to individual's interpretation*

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5 Nina  
WOW! :D thank you very much for the update >w</
cant wait to read the next one!!
Great work guys <3

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4 Maya  
Thanks a lot!
What a sweet surprise!

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3 mary  
niceee, thanks a lot heeh, really love this story this is exactly what I need...

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2 Cat  
Thank you soooooooo much!!!

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