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12:00 PM
Release #147
Hi everyone :3
It's time again for your weekly releases~
I noticed that a lot of you are asking for release schedules. Um, there isn't really a strict one ^^; However, we do try to release a new chapter from most of our projects every week (:
Sometimes during the week we'll have special releases, but those one's aren't that predictable :P

Volume 4 Chapter 21
I know we haven't had a release in awhile so I hope you're all looking forward to this :3
We have a new cleaner helping with this series! Please welcome Aljeermon to the team~

Volume 11 Chapter 50
Bia is currently being surrounded by a pack of white tigers, will someone come to her rescue in time?!

Volume 3 Chapter 11
Some surprising news arises amongst the feelings of guilt and remorse over Ka Ram's death.

Volume 4 Chapter 18
Things get more interesting as we learn more about Yoo Ha's sister.
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Total comments: 8
when is the next volume coming out i'm dying from curiosity i keep think whats is going to happen next plez make it faster oh and thank you for the download of crazy girl shin bia :))

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH! thanks everyone for your releases!! It's a pleasure to read <3


TMWFBW is a great series! Thanks for the releases keep up the good work!

Such a hard work !! very impressive
Thank U sooooooooooo much 4 your dedicated work!!

Welcome aljermoon ^^

Hey! Thanks so much. I am very lucky to get two chapters of Crazy Girl this week!!

I don't know if/when you will consider taking a new project since school is keeping you busy, and believe me, I TOTALLY understand (I no longer watch anime because I don't have the time... manga is much faster). Sometimes I even forget to read my manga, but I really look forward to your weekend releases.

Anyways, getting on with it, from the last time that you guys made a poll, I really liked the manga "Want You" and I was really hoping that when you guys take on the next project, that you'll choose that one. :D

Once again, either way, YOU ARE AWESOME!!

thaank you for the new releases, and welcome aljermoon .)

1st to comment! Good Job!!! Bia and Look for Oppa been waiting for them, thnx guys, keep up with the coolness wink

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