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1:11 PM
Release #148
Weekend releases~

Volume 3 Chapter 12
Lol, I every time I read a new chapter I have a craving for a lollipop (x

Volume 4 Chapter 22
The mystery of Ralf's attack still hasn't been solved!

Volume 4 Chapter 19
More about Yoo Ha's past :3

Volume 11 Chapter 51
Yoo Hui is so sweet~
Views: 870 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, Crazy Girl Shin Bia, A Tackle on My Life, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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14 nooon-sama  
Such a hard work !!
Thank you so much 4 your dedicated work ,,

I am always looking forward to the weekend releases ^^

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13 blacklilyjade  
Thanks again for the release of new TMWTFBW, the story just keeps getting better and better!
Also been reading A Tackle On My Life good story. You guys pick great mangas to release.
Keep up good work!!

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12 mellorine  
Can I comment on this... I love Yoo Hui!!! the poor man :(

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9 jackie  
Thank you very much for all these great weekend releases!! You know we really, reaally, reaaally appreciate you guys, don't you? flowers


The more I read about "bento" in manga, the more I'm getting impressed with the ladies who made them for themselves or their loved ones. chef

Just imagine getting up real early in the morning to spend time and energy in producing a carefully prepared lunch box. crackegg What dedication!

Can I do it, too? unsure

1) Um... well... I already have a HARD time getting up in the morning, so forget about getting up more earlier! Ugh...

2) Then, I'll need an hour or more to beautify myself for the day. You know, this IS really for the benefits of those people that surround me. After all, who doesn't want to feast his/her eyes on beautiful things, eh?

3) And, for me, no matter how beautifully prepared the bento is, I would still prefer warm/hot food. Cold food for lunch just doesn't suit me, sorry!

How about making one for my boyfriend? zorro <== *handsome, no?*

Well... I DID ask him the other day about it. This was his reply, "I appreciate the loving thought, but I still prefer hot food, dear." console

See? See?? So there's no need for me to slave over the hot stove after all! clap

*mumbling to myself*
Whew... for a minute there, I thought I have to learn how to cook... fear *daintily wiping sweat off my pretty face*

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10 Meilin  
drool i'd love to be eating from a bento box right now (x
lol, but normally it's like a bento box set .. that's made in the restaurant ;P
right now i guess i'll just be satisfied with eating snacks snack

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8 faechilde  
Thank you very much for the releases. smile

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7 mary  
thanks for the new releases, I cna't wait to read them especially bia...

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6 lollipop  
please add this chapter to manga @ anime A because i cant download anything on my computer and thank you :)

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11 Meilin  
All releases are uploaded onto MangaFox.

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5 koala1976  
Thanks a lot for this weekend releases Im always waiting for them jejejejje you are great thanks a lot.

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4 blossom  
thank you very much for working so hard
and I'm really glad to see more releases of WFBW ^___^


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3 Maya  
Weekends are always sweeter thanks to you! cool

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