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3:03 PM
Release #149
(Hello in French ;D)
Funny story. Seems like when I'm stressed/tired I remember misc. french words and use it when I'm talking to people (x Lol.
:o I've also picked up the habit of eating a lollipop when I'm stressed!
*looks at the lollipop wrappers*

Anyways, here are your releases as promised!
There's only a small pile today because my exams are still not done D:
Release #150 will be HUGE!
So look out for that ;D It'll be released either Monday night or Tuesday morning :)

Volume 5 Chapter 20

Volume 3 Chapter 13

Volume 4 Chapter 20

Volume 11 Chapter 52
Views: 1715 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, A Tackle on My Life, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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14 repunzel  
thanx for the upload but is it the whole chapter? coz some parts seems to be missing

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15 Meilin  
Yes, it was the whole chapter.
I just went back and looked at all the chapters since you didn't specify which series you were talking about. They all seem fine, so I don't know what to say ^^;

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13 nmwsaranghae  
ㅎㅎ thank you so much happy 넘넘 사랑해~ ㅋㅋㅋ ilubyousomuch

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12 Maya  
I love the new layout!
I am so glad you guys are back! winksanta

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11 nooon-sama  
don't know how to thank you enough !!

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10 bvanessa  
Thank you for your hard work! I love your series so much:))) Great team.

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9 Kiayin  
Thank you! And good luck on your exams! :) Don't worry too much about releases, Christmas is a special period and you should have fun ^-^!

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8 lil_angel  
Thanks for the new release!! biggrin biggrin
Good luck on your upcoming exams~ ^^
Looking forward to release #150, but don't need to rush smile Remember to take a break biggrin happy
Thanks again for all your hard work smile

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7 koala1976  
Hello again. I hope you are doing well with your exams, you ust study a lot jejeje.... thans for the new releases and relax you must not be stressed, like I say "Nerves are not a good company" good lucj and a lot of kisses, ahhhhhh and merry christmas.

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6 Kara  
thanks guys!! this is so awesome

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5 mary  
thank you soo much good to have you guys back...

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