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2:44 PM
Release #150
Finally done~
And you all know what that means!
It's time for your holiday releases

Now, the staff at HMR's Palace have worked very hard to bring you today's releases! So please thank everyone for their hard work ;D
As Rapunzel mentioned before HMR's Palace staff will be on break until the holidays are over so we'll start back releasing in the New Year (:

Also, if you haven't noticed we've specially tried to finish off the current volume for most of our projects, thus we'll be starting off on fresh new volumes for the new year! I hope you're all looking forward to them~
There is however, one more special release that we have planned that I will upload once I'm finished with it (x It's a secret though, but I'm sure you'll all love it
Now on to what everyone's been waiting for, the releases:

Volume 3 Chapter 24
What's this feeling Francis has?!
I bet we all know ;D

Volume 5 Chapters 21 - 24
Suspicions keep arising

This is definitely a must read volume!
I know you're all going to be begging for more ;D
Also, I forgot to mention last time, but our "Anonymous Cleaners" are from Mizuki Scans. Please be sure to drop by and thank them as well~

Volume 11 Chapter 53
Volume 12 Chapters 54 - 58
This chapter had so many "kawaii" moments
I Just love Mu Yeong~

This ends our holiday releases.
I hope you all enjoy!
Happy Holidays from everyone at HMR's Palace~
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42 zeer  
Thank you so much!!

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41 Maya  
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
So many releases! Wonderful!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! newyear
Enjoy your holidays!

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40 charianini  
Thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooo so much!!!!!!
I have been waiting for updates and they're finally here!!!!!!!
I really, really appreciate your hard work!

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39 mary  
hi guys I know that you have been working very hard on these amazing projects but I have been wondering about something for while. tasty kiwi scans are currently lacking staff and especially translaters for honggane and world bring it on which are also hwang me ri project. and therefor can't help suggest if hwang me ri palace could become a joint on these to incredible project, I know that many people have been waiting for releases for those mangas.but I myself am not part of tasty kiwi scanlation group and actually don't know much korean and therefor am quite dependent on the people who are able to read korean or japanese and there can't help but ask if it could be a possibility to become joint with tasty kiwi on projects like honggane and world bring it on??because they really need a translator right now and it would be such a shame if these to mangas were dropt

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38 Mega  
Thank you sooooo much.......

Merry X'mas n Happy New Year..
I hope u successfull on all subject or anything in the new year ^^..

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37 Anastasia  
thank you a whole lot!!!! i love Crazy Girl Shin Bia and now you let me happy and thirsty for more!! which is bad but... i dont care ! you guys did such an awesome job and gave us so much chapters i can have a LoOot of patience! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Hope you guys rest well!^w^

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36 Fanny  
Thank you soooo much for the new releases. Especially for the Crazy girl shin bia. I love it!!!
Wish you merry christmas and hopefully a bit of free time!

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34 isa  
thank you and merry christmas

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tHANKiES !!!!!!!!!!! mMMMhWWWaaaaaaahhhHHHH!!! biggrin :D biggrin :D biggrin :D biggrin :D biggrin :D biggrin :D :D

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32 Ner0  
Tahnk you and merry christmas!

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