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11:31 AM
Release #152
We're back~
We'll be slowly getting back into releasing chapters, but expect more releases from CGSB ^^

Volume 13 Chapter 59
Views: 652 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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8 Ine  
Thank !

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7 Maya  
Thanks a lot!

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6 jackie  
Welcome, WELCOME!! hands *hurriedly dusting off the throne chairs*

Did you guys have an enjoyable, soothing, relaxing time? wink

Oh, how we MISSED you so... schmoll How much? Well... let's just say that when I had my facial done and cucumber slices on my eyes, I only dreamt & envisioned the bishies the ENTIRE time and wished that you guys will start releasing again soon...

Ahh... can you feel the DEEP sense of emotion I'm trying to convey? serenade


While reading through several manga these past couple of weeks, I came across instances where the female lead always carrying around bandages. So, if the male lead gets hurt, she will promptly be there to apply the bandage on his wound. Sweet, eh? happy

But let me ask you this. If she really loves this guy, shouldn't she clean and disinfect the wound FIRST, instead of sealing all the dirt and bacteria onto the wound with the bandage?!? confused

Unless... there are new, high-tech bandages that can instantaneously clean and disinfect the wound upon contact? If anyone knows about them, please inform me right away. I definitely could use these. beta

Still, upon further reflection, I can understand the psychological effect of bandages. After all, she's just doing that to comfort him and to show him her love.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... love

And in return, if she gets hurt, he'll lick her wound, too. Sweet, no? yes no

Er... Um... Uh... I really have a problem with this! pinch

Why?? Because human mouth harbors millions of bacteria! You guys know that, don't you? meeting So, whatever healing capacity saliva may have, there is a real risk of infection that more than outweighs any benefits.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... fudge

But, how can you turn down such a romantic gesture from the man you love? unsure

My solution? Just say to him, "Oh, darling! Can you give me SOAP & WATER instead? We'll just kiss later, my love." lips


(in reality)

"STOP! That's SO gross! Get away from me right now!" blow

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5 nmwsaranghae  
쌩유~ 아이 러브 유~ OMG LUV U GUYS!!! \(*O*)/

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4 Marie09  
Thanks for the new chapter!!! it's getting really good!!

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3 Ariel  
Thanx SOOOO much 4 da upload I have been looking forward to more releases of CGS
ur awesome!!

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2 koala1976  
Thanks a lot for the new chapter, welcome back jjejejejejeje

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1 bonebone  
I would kiss you if you didnt have the rabies! no honestly.... best present ever is to have a new chapter of CGSB early in the morning =D


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