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1:27 PM
Release #153
Hello again ;D
I bet you guys didn't think I'd be back so soon with another release :3
This time I have two releases for you guys ^^
In other news we do have a new cleaner for "When the Fox Becomes the Wolf"!
Please welcome Skystalker to our staff!
Also, the raws for this series are also pre-cleaned by anonymous helpers over at Mizuki Scans ^^

Volume 13 Chapter 60

Volume 6 Chapter 25
Views: 660 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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9 jackie  
Hello, Meilin! I'm definitely pleasantly surprised! surprised Thank you so much, guys!!

A BIG welcome to Skystalker! hello

And thanks to the 'anonymous' helpers from Mizuki Scans! <== ph34r

I'm the self-designated, underpaid court jester here. jester Well... I got paid with new emoticons <== Meilin, and a recent trip to the moon <== Rapunzel.


My least favorite subject in school is physical education. soccer I know a lot of people like this subject. <== *no homework, maybe?*

My sister is a sports fanatic. No indoor activities, like reading manga, for her. That's why I can't persuade (bribe) her to download manga for me. Besides, her PIGGY BANK is much bigger than mine. dry

On the other hand, I never like to participate in sports. Why? Because I just don't like to get all hot & sweaty in school. You know how it is, I must maintain my good looks at all times for the benefits of my classmates. kiss <== *mesmerizing, isn't it?*

So then, what do I do when I have to participate? meeting

--Baseball - I'll try to hit the ball at least once, so that I won't get a strikeout. Although, don't expect me to run, slide, or dive to the base. Hmmm... I wonder why every time I'm up to take the bat, everyone near me immediately gets out of the way?? Is it because of that one guy that got his foot injured from my "flying" bat?? broken Hmmm... probably not. I think they just want to have a good view of my batting form.

--Basketball - I'll try to catch the ball if it's passed near me, but don't expect me to catch a faraway ball or wrestle the ball from somebody. What if I hurt myself in the process, eh? However, I can dribble the ball slowly and prettily until someone takes it away from me. surrender As for shooting through the hoop, it's best to leave it to somebody more capable.

--Volleyball - I'll try to serve and hit the ball with my closed fist, NEVER with open palm, though. Why? What if I break one of my nails, ha?!? cry If it's too difficult to avoid that, I'll just duck or move away and let somebody else run for it.

Haa... aren't you impressed with my sportsmanship, huh? specool

Still, I'm sort of baffled when it's time to select the team members. How come, a popular girl like me, always seemed to be (almost) the last one to be chosen?!? cranky

Hmmph! they don't know what they're missing! <== *patting my hair & assume a model-like pose* rolleyes

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10 Meilin  
Lol, that made my day :3
I dislike gym too (x I was so glad when it became optional after grade 9 :P I'll work on adding more emoticons for you to use soon ;D

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8 Ner0  
I dont really like CGSB but I love WTFBTW so keep up the good work >_< Thank you soooo much =D

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7 Saki  
You are Amazing :D I wasnt expecting for a Release so Soon. CGSB is one of my Favourites!! Im so expecting for a big reaction when Yoo Baek sees Shin Bia :) ihih thanks for ur hard work!! **

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6 nmwsaranghae  
쌩유~and also welcome to skystalker :]

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5 koala1976  
Thanks a lot fr this eraly new release, Welcme to Skystalker :) and also thanks to the people of Mizuki scans, alot of kisses and tanks to all of you :**********

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4 Molenir  
Whats the deal on this story. Its crazy, just jumping all over the place. First he's in the hospital, the next second he's in a rowboat with a girl. This is seriously hard to read, with it jumping like it does.

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3 Maya  
So true - I really didn't expect new chapters so soon! google

Congratz on your new staff member, hope it'll be easier and more enjoyable around you! hands

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2 Lint  
Thanks for your tireless work on Crazy Girl Shin Bia!!

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1 Hime  
Thank you sooo much for the releases, especially Crazy Girl Shin Bia!!!

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