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10:08 PM
Release #155
I hope you're all enjoying these releases ;D
I know you must have missed us so much when we went on break, so I hope this makes up for it ^^

Also, I realize the times I update differ depending on the day.
Would you guys prefer if we just had a mass release one day on the weekend?
Leave a comment with your preference ^^

Volume 13 Chapter 62

Volume 4 Chapter 16
Views: 778 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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I like having them released whenever because I never know when I'm going to have time, and for those that prefer it on the weekend the releases will still be there so you can just choose to not read them til then if you want. That's my opinion anyway smile

Yayy!! you guys are the best :) i'm so happy to be reading Wait Wolf again, i really love that manga and im glad your continuing it, i love CGSB as well! it's getting so suspenseful!!
I would say i prefer a release a day, just because i look forward to them after school, but do whatever you guys prefer..i'll love u guys either way! Thank you :)

Wheee Wheee Wheee... more releases! Yep Yep Yep... definitely enjoying these releases!

~*~*~*~ flowers ~*~*~*~ WONDERFUL & LOVELY TEAM!! ~*~*~*~ flowers ~*~*~*~

Preference? Hmmm...

Academically -- I would prefer a mass release once on the weekend.

Leisurely -- I would prefer daily releases.

Unrealistically -- I would prefer weekly whole volume releases.

Realistically -- When I'm free, I would gladly download anything you guys are willing to release!

Do these help clarify things? shades

Meilin, the gym class was optional for me last year, too. BUT, after the school counselor saw my 'heavy-duty' course selections, she wanted me to take physical education instead of a second foreign language course. She said I needed to have some time to relax and enjoy myself. I argued that it'd be more FUN for me to take another language course than a gym class. BUT, as you can see, I lost the argument. So basically, she FORCED me to take it. badmood

As for the emoticons, I'll be looking forward to them. Thanks! wink

*grumbling quietly*
Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's not like I'm offered a choice between 'real' coins or emoticons. dry


What is the meaning of being a sport club manager in school? I envision high salary, status, authority and power! bb

Well, realistically, forget about the high salary. It's more like, to have any kind of salary at all would be nice. up

What am I talking about? confused

I'm talking about the managers in baseball or basketball team in Japan that I read about. cap

Shouldn't these so-called 'managers' be ordering people around to do things like I envision? cigar <== *imagine longer hair*

Instead, how come they're acting more like maids or slaves? What's up with that, ha?!? angry

-Washing dirty & stinking uniforms pinch

-Cleaning & scrubbing out the room jumpon

-Cooking & serving food and drinks fudge

So how can someone doing these menial jobs be called a manager, huh? Instead, they should be called manager's assistant or club attendant or something similar, yes? yes

Then, what's the 'manager' should be doing, you ask? uhm

"Hey, you! Take care of that!"

"Do this, and then do that!"

"Clean all this up and make it quick!"

That's what it's like to be in a position of authority and power! HO HO HO HO HO... rolleyes

We always enjoy your releases!
Thanks a lot. clap

Though it's up to you, your capability and preference - I prefer mass releases on the weekend. But of course one way or the other...I am going to enjoy it anyway.
But doesn't it take more time to upload evrything at once? console

Your hard work is really "greatly" appreciated ,,

Thanks 4 spoiling us ^^

Guys....1 release was good...2 releases were really good...3 releases were awsome....and now 4 releases are Extremely Fabulous!!! :D For me you can make the releases when is the Best time for you :) (CGSB is getting more and more interesting ihhihi) Thanks for your hard work **

I prefer update differ depending on the day, why? because I visit this web a lot! ^^

i miss you guys
i think there not so much left of cgsb but all the project are perfect i would like to leave it to you
you know better then we do

OMG! Thank you so much for continuing Wait Wolf. I'm so glad that you guys picked this up because that way, I'm certain that you will finish the whole story. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :D

I love all the projects you're doing! <3

I prefer one massive release on the weekend. Thank again for all your wonderful work HMR's Palace! You guys are absolutely wonderful!!! <3 <3

Thanks a lot, A new chapter of Wait Wolf I'm so happy :) I love you thanks a for all.

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