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11:41 AM
Release #156
Hehe sorry everyone (x
I forgot to update yesterday :P
At least you all have 4 chapters to read today ;D
Also there's an important notice for Look for Oppa! so please read it before reading the next chapter ^^

Volume 13 Chapter 63
Volume 14 Chapter 64

Volume 6 Chapter 26

Volume 5 Chapter 26

Important Notice!!!
So, I don't know if some of you have realized but another group has translated Chapter 25. Before reading this chapter you should note that the last page of Chapter 25 (page 13) uploaded onto MangaFox is incorrect.
With that being said we have started Chapter 26 from where Chapter 25 (page 12) left off (:
Views: 1046 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, Crazy Girl Shin Bia, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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11 Cand  
Thanks so much guys !
REALLY AMAZING JOB ! You always makes my day with all the chapters of every Hmr's manhwas, yeah... i read all of them just like HYR's.
Whatever, keep working hard for us and i really appreciate your will to do that job.

Peace and love :)

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10 Maya  
Amazing! So many updates. laugh

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9 mary  
woow you guys sure work hard, which we all really appreciate, but don't overwork youreself too much... and I can't describe how much I missed you guys, nice to have you back with more awsome releases,)

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8 jackie  
Whooooooooaaaaaaaa... MORE releases! ...aaaaaaaaoooooooohW

love LOVE Uuu... LOVE YAaa... LOVE YOU ALLll... love

I'm supposed to be sleeping now, you know. sleep But now I'll have the tedious task of downloading and reading them all. *sigh* What a tough life...

*humming happily*

These past couple of days, I've been yearning to go swimming at the beach. But it's too cold out there these days... schmoll <== *pressing my cute nose against the window*

In one of my previous comments, I did say that I don't like to participate in sports; but, swimming IS an exception. Why? Because I just LOVE swimming! wiggle <== *this is how I look underwater*

In addition... meeting

1) I don't have to worry about breaking my pretty nails like the other kind of sports.

2) I don't have to worry about being hot & sweaty. The water will cool me down & wash away the sweat. This is about the only time where I can sweat all I want and still look good!

3) I can show off my new bikini that I laboriously shopped for all day or many days before.

So are these the only reasons? No. I'm actually VERY good at swimming. Reaaaaally? Yup. yes

Besides, you know I'm VERY humble and not the type to boast around unless it's true, right? rolleyes

How good am I then? Well... THINK... MICHAEL PHELPS. first

MUAH HAHAHAHA... lol <== *is this what everybody thinks???*

*flipping my hair*
Hmph! You never know, one of these days, you might see my name---JACKIE from Hwang Mi Ri's Palace---in the Olympics!! wizard

And, when I finally make it there, I'll be very generous and give you guys some free tickets. Pretty nice of me, huh? whistling <== *cross my fingers behind my back*

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7 Ner0  
Thank you so much for The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf. Keep up the awesome job >_<

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6 Hime  
YYYYEEEESSSSS!!!! Thank you for CGSB!!!!!!!!!

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5 Lydia  
Thank You!!! wow, you guys are the best..keep up the good work :) CGSB is getting soo good!!

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4 Saki  
Guys u r spoiling us...... i wasnt expecting for such fast loving it!! Thanks for ur hard work! You guys are Awsome!! **

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3 deiyaa  
can you give us a break i can't catch up with you guys like this
cuz you are awsome

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2 Lime  

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