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11:23 AM
Release #157
Weekend releases~
Some of them were from yesterday but there was a blackout so I couldn't post them D:
I never realized how lost I am without electricity until yesterday :P

Volume 4 Chapter 15
We have another new cleaner!
Please welcome Raven to our group~

Volume 4 Chapter 17

Volume 14 Chapter 65
Volume 14 Chapter 66

Views: 700 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, A Tackle on My Life, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Total comments: 11
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11 ice  
CGSB is such a great story, but if it's not a problem can you write more gender bender manhwas ? It's just I read Idol shopping in love with the manhwa (and the main guy).

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10 Maya  
CGSB is getting really interesting!
Thanks! happy

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9 Mega  
Thaaank..YoUuu so much....

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7 deiyaa  
a blackout suck
thanks for the release

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8 Meilin  
Lol, yeahh ^^;
I sat around for like an hour just texting since my laptop battery died cry
Then I decided to go shop tongue Never came across me that I should use the time to study happy

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6 azakurahime  
CGSB overload these days *nose bleed* thanks guys :D

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5 Asywai  
Thanks a lot for CGSB !!! Great job ^_^ !

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4 Saki  
Guys i say it again....i luv u All...I know how much hard work u r having but u are making our days more bright!! Thank u :D **

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3 mary  
thank you thank you thank you.... waa I have been waiting for it endet at such an exciting place.... love the speed makes you enjoy the story soooo much more when the wait is soo short...

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2 Hime  

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1 Madlax  
Wow great! more CGSB! Thnx guys! biggrin

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