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4:55 PM
Release #158
More releases :3
Lol, I hope we're not distracting too many of you from your studies ;D
Speaking of studies, I have a lot of work due on Wednesday, so tomorrow's releases will be combined with Wednesdays releases and will be released on Wednesday! ^^
So, for those of you who check up on our site for updates, tomorrow there shouldn't be one unless I finish all my work early :P

Volume 14 Chapter 67
Finished Volume 14~
That means 5 volumes left ;D

Volume 5 Chapter 27
Views: 895 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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10 azaleachan  
Love you, thank you so much for this, I´m totally in love with CGSB. Can´t wait for another release, I´m going bald hehe.

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9 delilah  
thanks lots!

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8 Hime  
Distract me all the way! I don't mind!!!! Thanks for CGSB!!!

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7 Benjamin  
You should put a link that says *kiss here*. the hole internet would go down because of people clicking it :)

As always thanks for CGSB ... i would like to say dont over work your selves but im too hooked up on the manwha to say something like that :P

Hope you keep the good work! LOVE YOU SO MUCH IM STALKI... never mind that las bit :)

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6 mary  
LOOK FOR OPPA PLEASE i REALLY CAN'TWAIT TOO SEE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW THAT ROY HAS GIVEN THE PASSWORD AAAAAAHHHHH thank godness you have fast releases and CGSB also stopped at a very interesting place and I soo love wait wolf and I actualy am begining to enjoy more and more of tackle of my life since everything is getting so interesting oh and good luck on you're studies hope they don't take too uch from you're precious time whom you use to give us fans who don't understand a thing in korean an opportunity to read stories which wwe normally ouldn't be able too...


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5 nooon-sama  
Thank U ( all the staff members) 4 being here 4 us
much love and thanks

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4 Sahako  
Thanks so much for new releases!
I love CGSB smile I can't wait to read this new chapter

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3 sammieknd  
Thanks for the new chapters <3.

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2 Saki  
THANK U so Much for CSGB... woww more 5 volumes.... chapter 67 was really Great!! Good luck for ur studies!!! **

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1 Maya  
Good luck for your studies! Don't give up! bangin

I can't wait to read CGSB. Thank you so much!

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