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8:28 PM
Release #159
Sorry for being late! ^^;
I was VERY distracted by a certain video.
If you want to know/see the video I'll post it at the end of the release ;D

Volume 4 Chapter 16

Volume 4 Chapter 18

Volume 6 Chapter 27

Volume 15 Chapter 68 - 70

So I spent a good deal of time yesterday watching this:
I've always been a fan of Big Bang but not so much of Seungri until now ^^

Views: 886 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf, A Tackle on My Life, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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19 Maya  
My first time hearing of BIG BANG. Can't say I liked it tough.
Well thanks for sharing the video anyway but actually I am only grateful for the wonderful releases you worked so hard on!!! cool

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18 jackie  
Distracting? OH YESSS! cry
Want to slow down? OH NOOOO! no
All these releases? OH YEAHHHHH!! yahoo

You guys are just the BEST! And all of us fans are VERY thankful and beholden to you all!! notworthy

Raven, a belated warm welcome to you, too! hello

Blackout? Meilin, you should have studied more --- just like what I would do. Anytime this happens to me, I would grab a big flashlight, grab a good studying book, flop down on the bed and start reading. See? book <== *manga??*


(private conversation) gossip

Me: Meilin, thanks for sharing the video, though I'm not familiar with that group.
Meilin: You're welcome. So what kind of music do you like? smile

Me: I'm more into opera.
Meilin: Err... really?? surprised

Me: Yes, especially Chinese opera.
Meilin: Eek! reaaaaaaaaaaaally?!? eek

Me: Uh huh... don't you just love it, too?
Meilin: Um... okay, I've got to go now! *erupting in laughter* lol


Anyway... I'm starting to get more busy and busier, hardly have time to read any manga/manhwa these past few days. sad

With all this talk about addiction, this reminds me of something I read a while ago about an individual bemoaning of manga withdrawal symptoms. So I'm now asking myself, "Is this possible?" confused

I'm not an alcoholic, nor a drug addict. But I really want to know if being a manga addict is just as BAD as alcohol/drug addiction? crazy

Withdrawal symptoms: manythought

Well, I do feel kind of anxious not being able to download, but I know I can always download & read later.

Well, this can be blamed on female monthly cycle or PMS.

Well, I always feel this way when I can't decide what clothes to wear tomorrow.

Well, I can't be depressed if I'm always smiling & laughing, eh?

--Poor concentration
Well, I can never concentrate on TV commercials anyway.

Well, when I study or read too much, I'm bound to have a headache.

Well, when it's hot, I'll sweat.

--Racing heart
Well, when I see any bishie, my heart is always racing.

--Difficulty breathing
Well, when I exercise too much, I do have this symptom.

--Tightness in the chest
Well, when I watch an emotional movie, I do feel this way.

Well, a scary movie will do it.

--Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
Well, a bad sandwich / contaminated food will cause all these.

Well, talking to a REAL bishie will definitely do this to me.

So, what's the verdict? In my case, there are NO real withdrawal symptoms. cool

I'm basically wholesome & healthy! rockon



Hmmm... How come I can't see myself properly in the mirror. blink

*frantically shouting*
MOMMY! When was the last time I got my eyes checked?!? online2long

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17 nooon-sama  
Many , many Thanks
We R truly grateful , and i will probably never stop thanking U ^^

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16 shuurey  
oh, wow! the chappies are great! i'm dying to see what happens next in CGSB, i'm refreshing your site like crazy, do forgive me!
thank you so much for your hard work!

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15 Sahako  
Thanks for the hard work! smile
And nice video too xD

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14 Bastian  
Thanks so much for the releases...what a great treat to have 3 chapters of CGSB! This story keeps getting more fascinating...thanks for feeding the addiction! And thanks for the hard work...

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13 Saki  
Wowwwww 3 chapters of CGSB on the same day, you really have made my day Brighter ihihih :) The story is getting so interesting.....ahhhhhh i cant wait for a next chapter, what will happend next?! Will Shin Bia Save Yoo Baek?.....As Always Thank u Guys for your hard work!! ** :3

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12 gatobus  
wow, so fast, you're amazing, thanks a lot for the releases!

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11 mary  
thaaank you all for the new releases... I actually am addicted I was checking this site every 3 second to see updates, probably because all the chapters endet at a climax... anyway it would be nice if someone would write if a release are postponed or something... :)

anyway thanks for the great work..

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10 Rapunzel  
Meilin! I saw the vid but I still don't like Seungri. *_*

My faves are still Taeyang and GDragon! biggrin

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