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12:48 PM
Release #161
Weekend releases~

Volume 6 Chapter 28
End of Volume 6!

Volume 16 Chapter 72

Views: 1028 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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18 Maya  
Thank you so much!

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17 mellorine  
CGSB is almost finished now... makes me sad... :(

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16 Blue  
Thank you very much!!! <3

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15 lisa  
*kisses everyone* thanks for all the releases, i'm really happy!!! I love CGSB and FBTW, well of course I love everything u release thanks!!!

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14 koala1976  
Thanks a ot for all you are releasing, you are indeed the best and i don't kno how to thanks you for all the hard work.

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13 Eles  
Thank you so much for the release!! TT_TT I'm really grateful!! *bows

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12 jackie  
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... MORE releases! hands Thank you sooooo much, ADMIRABLE team members!!

Meilin, we start to sound like a couple of piglets, don't you think? <==adorable ones, though, if I say so myself. happy

Hmmm... Meilin & Rapunzel, I hope you two are not killing yourselves trying to finish Crazy Girl Shin Bia for us fans?? uhm

For your own good, you must remember to:

-Relax properly (work on manhwa)
-Eat voraciously (work on manhwa)
-Study zealously (work on manhwa)
-Shop recklessly (work on manhwa)
-Date surreptitiously (work on manhwa)
-Sleep heavily (work on manhwa)

(thinking slyly)
I hope the subliminal message is working. he he he... devil


Ahhhh... I feel so satisfied and accomplished earlier today. showoff I DID something extraordinary, unexpected, exceptional, remarkable thing!

Did I ace my tests? hooray Nahhh... That's too ordinary, usual, obvious, everyday thing.

Then what was it? confused

I learned how to cook successfully! chef HA HA HA...

How to prepare:

-Start out by boiling an exact amount of water
(playing with the measuring cups was fun!)

-Slice the meat carefully, thinly and uniformly
(it was kind of gross. yuck!)

-Wash & cut some green vegetables
(I saw a worm & nearly screamed down the house!)

-Clean & wash some bean sprouts
(what's up with tearing off the roots one by one?? sooooo tedious!)

-Prepare some noodles
(I started to tune out when mom explained the different kinds of noodles. sooooo boring!)

-Prepare & mix the ingredients
(I wrote down the recipe in my pink & flowery scrapbook, complete with a photo of me in a cute apron!)

Then, I just put them all together. And Voilà! Ramen Soup Extraordinaire!! meeting

How did it taste, you ask? It was DELICIOUS! drool Really?? Yep, my boyfriend can vouch for that since he's here with me.

"Darling! Was that Ramen soup I cooked for you delicioussss?" heart


"DEAR!!" no ==> evil ==> shutup

He said, "YES!!" lips

Ahhh... in a few months from now, I'll have so many bishies clamoring at my door, groveling on their knees and begging me to be their wife! pray

Well... it's totally understandable why I'm such a great catch --- BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE and now CULINARY SKILLS! HO HO HO HO HO... *lost in wondrous dream* guitar


(some indeterminate time later)

*coughing daintily* Figuratively speaking only, of course. You all know that I'm totally devoted to my boyfriend, right? suspect

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11 Haruhi  
All ur work is appreciated, ur making tons of people happy, *me being one of them*
LOVE u all <3

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10 Mellorine  
Love you guys that's all I can say...

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9 *Sakura*  
yay!!! \(^ ^)/ Thanx sooo much 4 the chapters!!!

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