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Main » 2011 » February » 2 » Release #163
7:14 PM
Release #163
Tomorrow's release might be delayed until Thursday~
(There's supposed to be a snow storm so I'm not sure what time I'll be able to get home.)

Volume 4 Chapter 19

Volume 16 Chapter 74
Views: 578 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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17 Maya  
Thanks a lot!

By the way the security codes are sort of annoying, right?

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14 nooon-sama  
THANKS 4 the continued great work
AND looking forward 2 the next release ^^

once again THANKS

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13 mary  
thanks for the fast releases and telling that the next releases possibly will be delayed. anyway it's getting soooo exciting I can't wait to read more of CGSB

PS. could comeone please change the code since the numbers are really unclear and diffecult to see!!

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16 Meilin  
Sorry! sad
I don't think I can change that code.
If you register with the site though I don't believe you have to keep entering a code to post a message biggrin

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12 Saki  
Its Official i became hmrpalace Addicted!!! lol how could i not become like this?! After u release almost daily is difficult to spent a day without visiting this place......awww thank u guys for ur hard work and for making us happy :DDDDD **

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11 Ner0  
PS: I know it isnt Hwang Mi Ri... just saying, that you guys are quick, and well here is a cookie (>o.o)>#

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15 Meilin  
Thanks for the cookie biggrin
I actually was the cleaner for a few volumes for The Boy of the Female Wolf .. The translator kinda just poofed ^^;
I think another scanlating group has picked up the project though so hopefully we'll be reading some more releases soon!

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10 Ner0  
You guys are so quick, I wish your group were scanning The boy of the female Wolf!... Anyway Thank you guys for these releases!!!

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9 lisa  
thanks soo much for CGSB!!! looking forward 2 ur next releases!!!

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8 Chellei_Love_CrazyGirlShinBia  
thank you so much for the fast releases!!!
hope the snow storm wont come so that you can update your projects...
especially CRAZY GIRL SHIN BIA...
oh how i love SHIN BIA AND YOO BAEK love team...

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7 astaire  
thanks for the steady release. Yay... I always have something to read everyday thanks to you awesome staff of HMR's Palace

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6 thanks  

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