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Main » 2011 » February » 2 » Release #164
11:51 AM
Release #164
Hehe, Snow Day~
Surprisingly though ... there's not much snow ^^;
It's really windy out though!

Here are your releases:

Volume 6 Chapter 29

Volume 16 Chapter 75
End of Volume 16~
Views: 562 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Look for Oppa, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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15 Maya  
Thank you!

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14 thanks  

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13 lisa  
you are AWESOME!!!!!! I can't get enough of CGSB thanks 4 all the releases ;)

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12 LiLi  
Thanks for your hard word!!! You're all great! ;)

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11 starvenus  
For all the HMR fansub staff, I would like to thank you so so so very much for tackling all manhwa from my fav mangaka! and at super lighting speed releases too! Thank you once again!
I mostly wait until all the chapters releases turn into volume releases but lately I just get it by the chapters with the speed you guys've been doing.

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10 Chellei_Love_CrazyGirlShinBia  
God answer my prayer!!!
whoooaaa!!! i love it..
hope you'll update CGSB tomorrow..
thanks again for fast releases!!!
by the way i also read your other scanlation, the "The moment when a fox becomes wolf"..
it's also a good story..but i really love CGSB...or should i say i just can recover from CGSB..

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9 Lint  
Thanks so much for the chapters of CGSB and Look for Oppa!

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7 Hime  
thanks for all releases. sorry to inform you but all volume links for CGSB on project page are dead. only current chapters links are working. can you please fix them. thanks for the hardwork and fast releases. <3

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8 Meilin  
All the links are working fine, please try again.

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6 nooon-sama  
very impressive !!
U all R >>> hardcore ^^
and we love it

Thanks and Regards

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5 mary  
thaaaank you thaaaaaaank you thaank youu soooooooooooooooooo much, man I can't wait too read the releases... so happy that there weren't a snow storm lool

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