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Main » 2011 » February » 4 » Release #165
1:32 PM
Release #165
Hehe, we're starting off on new volumes today~

Volume 5 Chapter 18
I just love Kang Y~

Volume 7 Chapter 29
Thanks to MzUniq we now have better quality raws ;D

Volume 17 Chapter 76
Volume 17 Chapter 77
Views: 638 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia, A Tackle on My Life, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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11 Maya  
It was fun to read! biggrin

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10 mary  
I really loved the new chapter and CGSB is getting sooooooo exciting I really can't wait for more, can't believe that myuing did that to her.... great work guys... keep going....

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9 tisy  
thank you very very much much!!!!!!i like CGSB.

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8 Rizzz  
Thank you so much for The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf XD
I really appreciate the staff hard work and effort on this release, you people are really fast! It makes me so happy. Again I'm really grateful! ^___^

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7 jackie  
Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (in soprano voice)

All THESE releases! Like it? Nooooo, LOVE IT!! laugh THANK YOU, guys!!

Meilin, did you have a Happy Chinese New Year? I think the best things are money & food! happy <== *counting money*

BTW, I wish you didn't say that I'll be surprised if I read A Tackle On My Life series! Why? You are making it REALLY hard for me to continue to resist! pinch

You know I only started reading manga less than 2 years ago, so I'm practically a newbie here. Just imagine how 'behind' I am in reading! With limited spare time, I'm trying to limit my current reading list to 2-4 series at a time; otherwise, I get HYSTERICAL when I think about all the manga/manhwa/manhua out there that I've yet to read! shock

And I'm a slow reader when it comes to pleasure reading. It's like savoring a fine meal - tasting every ingredients instead of just chomping it down. icecream <== *imagine fine dining*

How slow am I? I just recently finished Tokyo Crazy Paradise. I started Fruits Basket before Christmas, but I'm still on volume 10. I've yet to read all these popular titles - Hana Kimi, Red River, Vampire Knight, Skip Beat, etc. *sigh* Poor me... schmoll

But that doesn't mean I won't continue to download all my favorite mangaka series, like Hwang Mi Ri. It's like I'm hoarding them all in a treasure box and just take them out to enjoy when I'm ready. he he he... tongue

Of course, like any treasure box, I must guard it with my life. blues <== *undercover*


If someone dares to touch my manga directory (sorted & organized), I will ==> bash

If someone dares to delete any of my manga, I will ==> butcher

If someone dares to delete all of my manga, I will ==> sniper

Anyway, with all those niceties out of the way, there's one kind of manga that I try to avoid as much as possible - tragic ending. killed Ugh...

I mean, to me, pleasure reading IS meant to provide pleasure, not gut-wrenching sadness. weep (I'll tell you more about this phobia in my future post.)

So, Meilin, are you going to give me a hint on that "I'll be surprised?" deal

a) someone just cooked Ramen soup?
b) someone just learned how to cook?
c) someone also had a pink & flowery scrapbook?
d) someone also had a cute apron on?

Please be sympathetic toward my plight, fellow McDonald's customer! cry

Determination (not to start a new series) ==> 100%
Releases ==> Determination ==> 50%
Self hypnosis ==> Determination ==> 100%
Meilin's "You'll be surprised if you read this series!" ==> Determination ==> 25%
Self hypnosis (3 sessions wacko ) ==> Determination ==> 100%

Ahhh... at a time like this, I just want to give up all my ambitions (fame & fortune) and just get married to a rich guy. gentleman <== *clean-shaven & a bishi*

Then I can just stay home, eat bonbons, file my nails and read manga all day. *look around carefully for Mom & Dad's whereabouts* fear

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6 nooon-sama  
very , very , very Impressive
Your hard work is greatly appreciated

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5 Ner0  
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome~!!!!! Thank you guys keep up the good work, especially for When The Fox Becomes the Wolf!!!

Kuzco rules~!! ... I mean you guys ruleeeeee!!!!!

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4 Nammy  
Oh, thank you very much *-*

2 chapters in a row, I'm really happy XDDD

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3 Bastiansmagic  
CGSB is awesome...thank you for these...What a great way to start the weekend...

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2 Madlax  
Damn now it has become more interesting, can't wait for more CGSB! Great work guys, keep going biggrin

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