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Main » 2011 » February » 4 » Release #165
1:32 PM
Release #165
Hehe, we're starting off on new volumes today~

Volume 5 Chapter 18
I just love Kang Y~

Volume 7 Chapter 29
Thanks to MzUniq we now have better quality raws ;D

Volume 17 Chapter 76
Volume 17 Chapter 77
Views: 609 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Crazy Girl Shin Bia, A Tackle on My Life, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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It was fun to read! biggrin

I really loved the new chapter and CGSB is getting sooooooo exciting I really can't wait for more, can't believe that myuing did that to her.... great work guys... keep going....

thank you very very much much!!!!!!i like CGSB.

Thank you so much for The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf XD
I really appreciate the staff hard work and effort on this release, you people are really fast! It makes me so happy. Again I'm really grateful! ^___^

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (in soprano voice)

All THESE releases! Like it? Nooooo, LOVE IT!! laugh THANK YOU, guys!!

Meilin, did you have a Happy Chinese New Year? I think the best things are money & food! happy <== *counting money*

BTW, I wish you didn't say that I'll be surprised if I read A Tackle On My Life series! Why? You are making it REALLY hard for me to continue to resist! pinch

You know I only started reading manga less than 2 years ago, so I'm practically a newbie here. Just imagine how 'behind' I am in reading! With limited spare time, I'm trying to limit my current reading list to 2-4 series at a time; otherwise, I get HYSTERICAL when I think about all the manga/manhwa/manhua out there that I've yet to read! shock

And I'm a slow reader when it comes to pleasure reading. It's like savoring a fine meal - tasting every ingredients instead of just chomping it down. icecream <== *imagine fine dining*

How slow am I? I just recently finished Tokyo Crazy Paradise. I started Fruits Basket before Christmas, but I'm still on volume 10. I've yet to read all these popular titles - Hana Kimi, Red River, Vampire Knight, Skip Beat, etc. *sigh* Poor me... schmoll

But that doesn't mean I won't continue to download all my favorite mangaka series, like Hwang Mi Ri. It's like I'm hoarding them all in a treasure box and just take them out to enjoy when I'm ready. he he he... tongue

Of course, like any treasure box, I must guard it with my life. blues <== *undercover*


If someone dares to touch my manga directory (sorted & organized), I will ==> bash

If someone dares to delete any of my manga, I will ==> butcher

If someone dares to delete all of my manga, I will ==> sniper

Anyway, with all those niceties out of the way, there's one kind of manga that I try to avoid as much as possible - tragic ending. killed Ugh...

I mean, to me, pleasure reading IS meant to provide pleasure, not gut-wrenching sadness. weep (I'll tell you more about this phobia in my future post.)

So, Meilin, are you going to give me a hint on that "I'll be surprised?" deal

a) someone just cooked Ramen soup?
b) someone just learned how to cook?
c) someone also had a pink & flowery scrapbook?
d) someone also had a cute apron on?

Please be sympathetic toward my plight, fellow McDonald's customer! cry

Determination (not to start a new series) ==> 100%
Releases ==> Determination ==> 50%
Self hypnosis ==> Determination ==> 100%
Meilin's "You'll be surprised if you read this series!" ==> Determination ==> 25%
Self hypnosis (3 sessions wacko ) ==> Determination ==> 100%

Ahhh... at a time like this, I just want to give up all my ambitions (fame & fortune) and just get married to a rich guy. gentleman <== *clean-shaven & a bishi*

Then I can just stay home, eat bonbons, file my nails and read manga all day. *look around carefully for Mom & Dad's whereabouts* fear

very , very , very Impressive
Your hard work is greatly appreciated

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, Awesome~!!!!! Thank you guys keep up the good work, especially for When The Fox Becomes the Wolf!!!

Kuzco rules~!! ... I mean you guys ruleeeeee!!!!!

Oh, thank you very much *-*

2 chapters in a row, I'm really happy XDDD

CGSB is awesome...thank you for these...What a great way to start the weekend...

Damn now it has become more interesting, can't wait for more CGSB! Great work guys, keep going biggrin

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