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Main » 2011 » February » 6 » Release #166
11:38 AM
Release #166

Volume 6 Chapter 30

Volume 5 Chapter 20

Volume 17 Chapter 78
Volume 17 Chapter 79

This marks the end of Volume 17!
2 more volumes to go~

Note: Last release I forgot to upload ATOML onto MangaFox but I will upload it now :3
Views: 793 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, Look for Oppa, Crazy Girl Shin Bia
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15 mega  
Thankyou so.....much for your releases.. and for your hardworkz...
it is absolutely WOW..
oya..!! it's late to say.. Gong Xi Fa Cai..
Had all of you (and all HMR lovers) at there celebrate chinese new year... ?
I hope we can get more fortune in the next..

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16 Meilin  
Thank you & same to you! biggrin

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14 gatobus  
so many thanks, you're an amazing-fast team!

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13 Maya  
You're updating faster than I am able to show my appreciation! notworthy
I'm so happy there is so much to read for me now.
Keep on going! You guys rock!!! rockon

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12 jackie  
I still can't believe you guys can release so much each week! surprised

thumbup Meilin, THANKS for slaving laboriously in all your numerous duties!
(mumbling quietly) ==> *kind of stingy with the hints, though* shutup

thumbup MzUniq, THANKS for providing us with better quality raws, cleaning, and now even helping out with Crazy Girl Shin Bia!

thumbup Other staff members, THANKS for helping out and making it possible to bombard us with more releases!

thumbup Last but definitely not least, Rapunzel, without you, all of us will be looking like this uhm at the manhwa. THANKS for working your "bottom" off for us fan!


Before I've got addicted to manga and anime, I was into watching Chinese movies and drama series. And since my mom had a subscription plan with the video store, we had an endless supply of them. 1eye <==*watched too much TV*

My favorite type was martial arts drama series donatello , but most of them were either comedy or sad drama. Only my mom and I watched the emotional ones.

Back then, homework assignments were light. I could have them all finished in an hour or two. That meant every day was 'watching drama' day! clap

3-4 hours a day on weekdays
6-10 hours a day on weekends

Boy, those were the days! Pure couch potato! ah

So... when we were watching a sad, emotionally-charged drama series sad , there would always be a BIG box of tissue on the table and a small garbage bag. What was the scenario?

watching ==> cried ==> wiped eyes & blew nose

eating ==> cried ==> wiped eyes & blew nose

drinking ==> cried ==> wiped eyes & blew nose

snacking==> cried ==> wiped eyes & blew nose

I mean, it got so bad that when we stopped watching for the day, I ended up having a bad headache and got all dizzy from all that crying! wacko

Ugh... I needed to lie down... BUT, didn't I just got up from the couch?!? Ugh... what a dilemma! cranky

One day, I decided to stop watching altogether. Why? I started dating. kiss But why??

Imagine this other scenario: meeting

--Doorbell rang

--My boyfriend came to visit (a surprise!)

--I opened the door

--My boyfriend looked like this eek

--I ran to look in the mirror

--I looked like this eek , screamed and ran upstairs

--I quit watching

What did I look like? Are you curious? huh

--limpy and tangly hair

--swollen and puffy eyes

--red and stuffy nose

--tired and drawn face

--dry and crumbly lips <== (leftover snacks)

Basically, eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Yuckkkkkkkk! Grosssssssss! fudge

That's why NO MORE sad, tragic ending movie, drama series and manga for me! dont

What about my mom? Oh, she still watches them. And when I see her crying, I usually say, "Oh, Mom! How can you cry over such a thing?! It's just a TV drama! rolleyes

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17 Meilin  
Hehe in response to your last comment.
In the ATOML chapter they were going to go eat ramen biggrin

surprised I watch korean and tawainese dramas now!
My friends got me hooked (x I prefer the comedic ones over the serious/emotional ones.

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11 tisy  
thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 minoo  
Thank you!

I absolutely LOVE shin bia ( and all the other stuff by HMR - I havent gotten around to the other works you've been translating, but I intend to once my projects wind down)

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9 koala1976  
Thanks a lot for this new releases, I can't wait to read the end of CGSB and for more chapters of wait wolf. You are always working hard so I send you all my love :***** Thanks

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8 Bastian  
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hard work is so appreciated! CGSB just keeps getting more and more exciting...

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7 Lizarazu  
Thanks for releasing so fast chapters from Crazy Girl Shin Bia! I like this story soooo much, is the best manhwa from Hwang Mi Ri.
Good luck with the scanlations and hope the scan group lasts long ahead.

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6 mary  
thaaank you soo much for all the releases especially crazy girl shin bia, love that you are updating two chapters of CGSB every time since it's soooo interesting, I already look forward for more... the story has simply reached a climax where it stays as exciting as it was in the beginning...... anyway thank you all for all the fast releases and all the hard work an I really look forward for more..

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