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1:38 PM
Release #169
NOTE: Unfortunately there was a missing page in the CGSB chapter, this has just been fixed in case anyone wants to read it again!
(The page wasn't really important, so you don't necessarily have to reread ^^; But thank you so much to Kerestal who brought it up! Nice catch ;D)
Also, I'll reupload the new version onto MF ^^
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Volume 6 Chapter 31

Volume 18 Chapter 83

Last chapter of Volume 18!
Question for all you CGSB fans~

How would you like Volume 19 released?

a) A chapter every day (the usual)
b) The whole volume at once (will then have to go 3 days without releases)

Personally from cleaning the scans I think the ending will be better if we release the whole volume 3/4 days from now. But it's up to you guys ;D
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i choose B... CUZ i know chapter 19 will be the last one... please, hurry... im very excited to read it

You guys are amazing as always I like a chapter a day like the usual, the building excitement is better then one lump sum. Keep up the great work!

Whichever way you like, you are the ones doing it..we so appreciate it..thanks

You did a very good job! I appreciate it:) thank you!

a chpter a day pls so it would build up the exitment...on second thought ohh cry its hrd to chose anyway u wnt to realese it is fine smile

first of all, thanks for doing this and so fast... it's amazing!! thanks... i would prefer to wait a few days for the whole volume... thanks again

First, you guys are awesome for pumping these out do quickly. That said, I'd like it better if there was one a day. Otherwise I'd be squirmy and dying to fins out what happens.

the whole volume lol I can wait for 3 days but i don't know if i can stand the excitement of reading a chapter a day

A chapter a day is fine. It just builds up the climax! I can't wait to see it ends! :)

Thank for the released. The whole volume at once will be fine. I think everyone can wait whenever. Love you! :x

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