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Main » 2011 » February » 13 » Release #171
2:06 PM
Release #171

Volume 5 Chapter 20
CGSB will be updated tomorrow (Valentine's Day)

Also, a note about requesting for reuploaded files, please make sure that the release was made by our group! We do not provide links for chapters scanlated by other groups :(
Views: 625 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: A Tackle on My Life
Total comments: 5
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5 bvanessa  
Thank you so much, I love this serie!!! Happy Valentine's day:)

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4 nooon-sama  
such a workaholic ^^
Thank U so much 4 all your hard work and dedication

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3 jackie  
~*~*~ heart ~*~*~ HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! ~*~*~ heart ~*~*~

It's a little early, but since I won't have much time tomorrow, I'm going to give my THANKS now for today and Valentine's release. smile

When I really think about it, it's MIND-BOGGLING crazy how you guys have completed FOUR Hwang Mi Ri projects in a little over a year, and even now working hard to finish a couple more!

~*~*~ heart ~*~*~ CONGRATULATIONS, Hwang Mi Ri's Palace! ~*~*~ heart ~*~*~

You guys have our DEEPEST respect, SINCERE gratitude and UNENDING love!! beer *want some walnuts, cashews or peanuts with that?*

The moment I've some free time tomorrow, I'm going to sneak in zorro and download the last volume of Crazy Girl Shin Bia! he he he...

I'm going to put all other series on hold and re-read this from the beginning when I've more time. happy <== *this is probably why I'm reading too slow---too much re-reading.*

But, Hwang Mi Ri IS top priority, right?
*Rapunzel ==> Better be! Hmph!*
*Me ==> Yes, Madam!* pioneer

Anyway... continuing from my last post...

So what are my other romantic ideas? love

1) Recite a romantic poem to me sweetly flower


I'm not into reading poetry, BUT I think it's soooo romantic for a man to recite a love poem to his girlfriend. So I asked my boyfriend for it.


"The sun is shining above over your beautiful face. Um..."
"The moon is shining in the sky reflecting on your beautiful skin. Um..."
"The moon, the stars are up above and beyond. Um..."


Huh? huh What was that?! What are you trying to say, dear??

2) Pop in a music CD and do Ballroom dancing wiggle


Once I saw the ballroom dancing competition on TV, I've always wanted to do that. I think it's soooo romantic for a beautiful, well-dressed couple to twirl, twist, and spin around the dance floor.


--When I tried to spin around, I ended up crouching on the floor from dizziness.

--When he tried to spin me around him, I ended up sticking to his body and going nowhere.

--When he tried to support me while doing a leg lift, we were both trembling and our backs were aching.

--When he tried to lift me up high, we ended up collapsing.

--When we finally looked at each other, we bursted out laughing.


Utter failure! angry We'll try again WHEN we're in a much better physical condition.

3) Lift me up and hold me in his arms showoff


I recently watched a movie where the hero lifted the heroine up into his arms effortlessly and walked her off somewhere. I thought that was soooo romantic! So I wanted my boyfriend to do the same.


--He lifted me up onto his arms unsteadily. Within a couple of minutes of walking around, I started to slide down and being squashed painfully to his body.

--He dropped me down quite inelegantly and offered, amid some heavy breathing, to give me a piggyback ride instead.

--After a couple of minutes of piggyback ride, I came to the conclusion that having my 'butt' hanging out like that was NOT romantic at all.


Unsatisfactory! jumpon He needs to drink milk from hormone-injected cows to grow more taller and bigger. I want to be in his arms for at least 10 minutes, so increasing his arm muscles IS a must.

So what do you all think? Aren't these ideas just soooo romantic?! shy

Anything else? Well... one more idea that I would REALLY like to try out in the future.

What is it? RIDE ON HIS BACK! he he he... brows

Future Intention:

I'd love to ride horses, but I'm too scared of actually riding one. So I think it will be soooo romantic if my boyfriend will pretend to be a horse. wizard <== *might need his help*

Future Attempt:

--Get him to crouch down on all fours, so it will be easy for me to mount and dismount.

--Get him to bounce me up and down on his back.

--Get him to snort, nays and knickers like a real horse.

--Get him to go faster just by kicking or squeezing him with my legs.

Future Result:

It will be a great and enjoyable ride! biggrin But I must remember to NEVER whack him with spurs or a crop when I want him to go faster. Otherwise, he will simply BUCK me off?!

WOULD he be willing to do that, though, you ask? wink

Hmmm... possibly... unsure

Hmmmm... yes... yes

Hmmmmm... absolutely! devil

YEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAWwwwwwwwwwwwwww! cowboy

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2 Kara  
Thanks soo much for this and for tomorrow's release in advance :) TOML is my fave at the moment :) can't wait till he finds out Ka Ram is Mia

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1 Bastian  
Thanks for this for CGSB, that will make Valentine's Day even better!! It is still hard to believe it has come to an has been a fun journey

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