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Main » 2011 » February » 14 » Release #172
12:54 PM
Release #172
Happy Valentine's Day!
I know you've all been waiting for this release ;D
Please give a big shout out to everyone who has worked hard to finish this project!
Kangta - amazing raws
Rapunzel - insanely fast and dedicated translations
Kira - dedicated proofreading
Cherry, MzUniq and Meilin - speedy cleans

In other news, since we've finally finished our 4th project we will be starting a new one soon! Our next project will be Delinquent Cinderella~
I saw the raws and thought it looked really interesting :3
Plus one of you also commented on how you'd like us to pick up this project ;D

Two other projects will also be picked up, but we'll be having polls for those :3
Please leave comments about which projects you're interested in seeing on the poll ;D However, please refrain from choosing a title that is actively being scanlated and remember we only translate HMR works! ^^

The volume was split into two since the file was too big to upload onto MF.
(I might be back later tonight with a WW release~)

Volume 19 Chapter 84
Volume 19 Chapter 85
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Thank You SO SO SO MUCH for scanlating this manga! biggrin
Crazy Girl Shin Bia first It's really good.

can this one be in the poll?
Swan castle

thank you so much for this! And you did wonderful and awesomely fast on this project.... I just hope the ending is better. I'm not really fond of many HMR's endings although her stories are usually great... My favorite is the Hotblooded Woman

Anyhow I've been dying to see Hoosamguk Gokyo. I think the scanlator dropped the project years ago... could you pick this up please and I'll love you forever.. :D

thanks very much for all the hard work of CGSB ^-^ I recommend for the release of A Love in 100 Days and Delinquent Cinderella. Thanks again :)

Thanks so much again! Yes, please consider something new and looks interesting like Conceited Yes :DD

Thank you so much for completing Crazy Girl Shin Bia! ^^


Thank you soooo much for the fast scanlation!

Please pick up Miunohri to Swan please =)

yay thanx 4 finishing CGSB <3 <3 I would love if u picked up the sexy simpleton :)

thanks for cgshb! love it!!
can you pick up A Love in 100 Days
thanks again smile

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