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Main » 2011 » February » 17 » Release #173
7:57 PM
Release #173
I know a lot of you have been looking forward to this release :3
Sorry it took so long to put up the links ^^;
About your other releases!
They will be released this Saturday, with the slight exception of one chapter being released tomorrow :P Sorry for the hold up. None stop studying all week due to midterms (x After Friday I'll be free for a week though! ;D Gives me more time to clean so we can get started on our new project and finish some we're close to ending ^^

Anyways, here's your release:

Volume 1 Chapters 3 - 4
Releases for this series will be volume releases from now on~
As always, this project is a joint with Rosa Negra ^^
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Total comments: 9
I really enjoyed this project! I look forward for next chapters ;)

wooot if ur goin finish up projects then take ur time rather have finished volumes anyway

Thanks for the release! This is great I wonder if she has 3 tails chasing her.

Thanks a lot!
Volume releases are great!

Thanks so much for this one!! I'm also happy you are going to do volume releases!! I have no problem waiting!:) Thanks again!

dont push yourself 2 much
I'm pretty sure everyone like me really appreciates your time spent in every chapter you release

thaank you soo much it's such an awsome story, and I soo happy that you have picked this manga.... and I really like that you are making it a volume release since that makes more enjoyable to read... thank you guys for youre dedication love the project you have picked....

thank you so much for the translations!

Thank you! Still a huge fan of you guys even though CGSB is over!

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