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Main » 2011 » February » 20 » Release #176
2:01 PM
Release #176

Volume 5 Chapter 23

Volume 8 Chapter 35

We'll try to get the first chapter of Delinquent Cinderella out soon ;D
Views: 494 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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10 Maya  
Thanks for the releases!
I look forward to Delinquent Cinderella.

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9 Kumkum  
wow so wonderfull, I vry2 like this XD
Big" tqyu guys ;D

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8 nooon-sama  
amazing !
awesome !
Thank U SO much 4 these fast releases

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7 jackie  
Greetings hardworking, terrific team members! THANK YOU for all these releases!! happy

Meilin, HAVE FUN studying for your midterms! I'll be thinking of you & supporting you all the way, while I'm LABORIOUSLY re-reading Crazy Girl Shin Bia. biggrin

BTW, Meilin, can you guys SLOW DOWN a bit? gossip I can't seem to catch up with all the reading here!

(group A fans) ==> fudge <== *please watch the spits, ladies!*

(group B fans) ==> tomato <== *thank you, love the tomatoes!*

(group C fans) ==> manythought <== *excuse me, but that color is never flattering on one's face!*



Okay, I'm back---freshly showered & perfume scented. angel1

So... with the Valentine's Day over, let's talk about 'What WAS your most embarrassing moment in pursuit of love?' shy

For me, there was ONE incident that I still cringed every time I happen to think about it. bag

It was during my 2nd year of middle school, I was sweet on this CUTE & athletic boy in my class. love

Back then, I was a VERY SHY person. WHO?! Me! YOU?! Yes! Don't you guys believe me?!? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... angry

Anyway... I used to love watching him play soccer with his buddies. soccer He was soooo cool and manly! <== *subconciously picked out a potential horseback riding candidate, maybe?*

On that fateful day, I had on a brand new school uniform, complete with shiny black shoes. <== *cute, but definitely not sexy.* no

While I was watching him playing soccer, the ball landed next to me. surprised A guy came running and hollering at me to kick the ball back. HE was watching me!

Ahhh... this was MY chance to get him to really notice ME! clap

So with that thought in mind, I kicked the ball with all my might! bb




Did I miss the ball?


Did I miss the field?


Then why was it embarrassing?

Well... with that 'all my might' kick, my right shoe came flying off at the same time! shock

BUT, that was not my MOST embarrassing moment, though. sad




What was it then??

Well... Lo and behold! When that shoe went flying, it came down and landed ON MY HEAD!! oops

humiliation, hUmIlIaTiOn, HUMILIATION!! I wanted to die from EMBARRASSMENT then and there!


So what happened after that?

(daintily wiping the tears from my long-lash-fringed eyes)
I never watched another soccer game again, and I never told him that I like him. Goodbye my first love... sadwalk

Um... was it the second? Wait... I think that was the third or the fourth. Um... I'm not so sure now. Let me do a recount... rolleyes

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6 Eles  
Aww~ I don't want FBW to end but I want to know what happens so I'm excited =3=! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RELEASE xD!!! it made my day =]

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5 blacklilyjade  
I just really love these series! Thanks for the releases!!! Can't wait to read them!

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4 LiLi  
Can't wait for delinquent Cinderella ><
Thx 4 theses releases

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3 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new release!!!

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2 Lizzy  
You guys are the best!! Thanks for all the releases, their the only things that keep me from getting me bored here in Raleigh! If you could work on Girl (Jeon Young Hui) that would be awesome.

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1 unknown  
can you please upload it onto manga fox thnx soo much for all ur releases u guys r the best

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