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12:14 PM
Release #190
Hi everyone :3
Today will be the last of our daily releases. As mentioned before we'll be going back to weekly releases, so our next release will be next weekend :)
We have a schedule worked out where we release two chapters a week, and next week we'll be updating Look for Oppa and Delinquent Cinderella ^^

Volume 7 Chapter 35
The mystery starts to unravel and has Hae Lee (Harry) discovered who Roy's real brother is?

Volume 6 Chapter 23
What happens when the devil finds out why Kang Y transferred schools?

Volume 7 Chapter 28
First chapter of volume 7 :3
It's a very touching chapter, so enjoy!
Views: 827 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, Look for Oppa, A Tackle on My Life
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14 sammieknd  
Thank You very much!.

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13 cellyon  
YAY! for more releases! clap Wait! Wolf heart I really love this manga.
Thank you so much for your hard work!

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12 hinata  
Tq vry much,,,,, I lv ATOML & WW o(≧o≦)o

two thumbs 4 U guys d(^_^)b

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11 bvanessa  
Thanks to the best team!!! You do a real good job, very fast, It's so nice for us, readers:)

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10 Strawberryhoney  
Why every weekend?????By the way I'm excited about what will happen in Look for Oppa! biggrin

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9 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new releases!!!

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8 nooon-sama  
You're doing a good job
My thanks 2 all of you here 4 your hard work and 4 the amazing releases
I'll be looking forward 2 next weekend then

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7 Pati  
thank you soo much for the releases
i love wait!wolf !!!!
thank you for doing daily releases for such a long time :)
i look forward for next weekend !

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6 HMR Palace Rock  
Thanks for all the releases. You guys are the best! What do you exactly mean by 2 chapters a week? Anyways I cant wait for next weekend :)

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5 Maya  
Oh well, all good things have to end eventually. Thanks for the weeks of mass releases! You sure worked hard!
I look forward to next weekend then.

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