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12:43 PM
Release #191
After a long week, here are the releases you've all been waiting for :3
Next week we'll be releasing a chapter from ATOML and Wait! Wolf :D

Volume 8 Chapter 36
Roy confronts Hunter!
Please welcome Cassy to our cleaning team :3

Volume 2 Chapter 5
What happens when Nan Hui meets Un Ho's friends?

Update: Changed the layout :3 I was kinda sick of seeing the snowman (x
Hopefully this will do until I can find something better ^^;
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yay for releases :3 can you put them on anime A though?

Thanks for the welcome everyone =))))

Thank You as always!!

PLEASE SCAN SEXY SIMPLETON!!! Ive read NSS and Would Love To Read SS~~~~~~~ :)

I was also wondering about Oh Chunja Chunja.

thanks biggrin
what about Oh, Chunja Chunja! High School Bullying i was waiting for it cry

Thank you so much!!! You're one of my fav team:) So active and fast.

Yay! Thank you so much for all the good reads!

I love your new layout !! It's refreshing! And thanks for the releases!!

Thank you guys for these two new chapters!! happy

I'm okay with weekly releases. I got exhausted just from watching you guys keeping up with those daily releases. sleep

Thank you SOOOO MUCH, crazy, err... I mean, amazing ladies for working so hard on those mass releases!! respect

Cassy, a BIG welcome to you! bye

(thinking secretly)
Please work hard and slave at your cleaning duties. he he he... evil

As for this layout, the color & the leaves feel like Spring. The tea set is so welcoming. Makes me want to put my feet up, sip some tea and read manhwa all day. biggrin

But alas, I'm too busy these days to just sit around and read for more than an hour at a time. sad

Too bad The Sexy Simpleton lost the lead. I should have brushed up on my Harry Potter spells! bangin Oh well... I love anything Hwang Mi Ri anyway, so that's okey dokey.

Hehe, Meilin, something like that happened to you once before too? wink

Yeah... I might have fooled the guests, BUT I definitely didn't fool my parents. I actually got lectured afterwards. tongue

Currently, I'm still 'laboriously' re-reading Crazy Girl Shin Bia. But one question has been bugging me for some time now. HOW FAR am I willing to go to drive a man away? huh

One question on everybody's mind right now: HOW LONG does it take her to read?? Geeez! cranky


--I'm quite busy.

--I like to read slowly and savor the manhwa.

--You think that re-reading the second time around would be faster, right? I should, I could, I would. Except, when I'm re-reading this, I'll pause every few pages and stare dreamily at Yoo Baek's handsome face. Oh my... shy

Anyway, in order to drive a man away, will I be able to... meeting

1) BURP in front of him?

Soooo rude! But if I really have to do it, will I be able to summon a 'burp on command'?? I guess it's best if I can do it right after a private meal with him. Why private? Well, I'm not about to BURP in public and ruin my 'perfect' and well-mannered young lady image, ya know?

But then again, some cultures may even consider burping a sign of appreciation after a meal, so he might misunderstand and ask me for a date again! angry

2) SPIT on his face?

Soooo gross! How can I possibly spit or spew food particles all over his face?!? I shudder with revulsion just thinking about it. Eeeeeeeeeeeeew...

Especially, if his face IS as handsome as Prince Yoo Baek, how can I possibly do anything to tarnish that, eh?

That kind of face IS meant to be kissed. KISS... KISS KISS... KISS KISS KISS... KISS KISS KISS KISS... lips *sorry, got carried away there*

3) BREAK WIND in his presence?

Soooo vulgar! Can I, the epitome of class and elegance, do something like that?!? No way, Jose!

Not even accidentally? Nuh-uh.

BUT... if I happen to break wind unintentionally in the future, I'm prepared to change to a new school, move to another state, and even move to another country if need be.

So if I need to fart, what do I do?

If there's a restroom nearby, I'll excuse myself to go there immediately. It seems this is where the ladies LET IT RIP?!

For me, though, I can't let myself do that. What if I 'let it rip' loudly and someone is standing outside when I come out of the restroom stall? I will DIE of embarrassment for sure. Nevertheless, I can see others doing that all the time, oh, so nonchalantly! Am I too thin skinned??

How do I do that then?

Well... I'll let it out delicately as possible and as quietly as possible, of course.
What's that? You ask if quiet farts smell more deadly? Sorry, no comment. shutup

So... which of these three methods I'm going to use to drive a man away? uhm

NONE. None? Yep. Why? Because my current method IS much more tasteful and elegant. yes

A man: "Would you PLEASE go out with me?" pray

Me: "Pffft! You are WAY too beneath me. Shoo! Go Away! Scat!" blow

Success rate ==> 100% rolleyes

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