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10:45 PM
Release #199
Hi everyone~
Just got in from all the Mother's Day festivities ^^
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 

And as for the special release we promised ;D
Here's a whole volume of HSB!
Special Release:

Note: Please do not upload onto any readers!
The credits page for these chapters are incorrect!
The chapters have been updated and should be correct now :3
Special thanks to staff at Rosa Negra for helping with the releases ^^

Next week is our 200th release ;D
Look forward to it :3
... and the layout I keep promising to change (x
Views: 1003 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, High School Bullying, Look for Oppa
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12 Rishergegew  
Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique. Proin enim lectus tempor ante elementum commodo ac.

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10 Mel  
Many thanks for all these releases!

Great job as usual^^

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9 Maya  
Already your 200th release? Amazing!
Yeah I look forward to the new layout.

Thanks for your hard work! biggrin

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8 cellyon  
tongue Thanks so much for these and all the other fabulous releases which make life a bit more yummy!

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7 keric  
Wait Wolf is starting to get good with The Ri spilling secrets! Can Hwi Gyeong please just find out about the promise the boys made back when they were younger already!

Thanks for your hard work HMRP <3

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6 Owliee  
OMG. Thank you SO much! :)
HSB & Wait!Wolf were amazing! Can't wait to see what happens next. :D

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5 Yaz  
Thanks for the releases. Is anyone else having problems downloading High School Bullying 5 and 7? (6 and 8 worked just fine for me...)

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11 Meilin  
Hopefully you were able to d/l the chapters (:
If not I reuploaded new files with the updated credits pages so you can try downloading those ^^

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4 wenkai  
thanks for your hard work!! :)

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3 hang19can  
Fantastica!!! Grazie tante!!! smile

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2 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!!

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