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4:31 PM
Release #202
I'm glad you all enjoyed our mass releases ;D
This week we're back to normal weekly releases and we have new chapters of A Tackle On My Life and Delinquent Cinderella.
Now that we're finished LFO, ATOML will be our next project which we will be focusing on finishing :3

Enjoy your releases!

I found Un Ho so adorable in this chapter (x
His expressions were just so hilarious!
And a certain someone is finally showing his face again ;D

Will Mia kiss the Devil?!
Views: 2127 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Delinquent Cinderella, A Tackle on My Life
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9 mary  
thaanks or the new chapters I really hope that you guys might consider picking up "die or like me" .. anyway great job everyone another great manga is finished and one thing more love that you guys always keep the deadline and release on time...

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10 Meilin  
When we make our next poll for an upcoming project I'll be sure to put that series on the list smile And I'm glad you're enjoying all of our releases! We have a great dedicated staff here biggrin

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8 bvanessa  
Arigato!!! I love these series^^

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7 Alyssa  
yay thanx I love both of these releases!!! <3<3<3

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6 Maya  
Good job! cool

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5 Hang Nguyen  
Oh, finally!!! I have been waiting for so long for new chapters. Thank you sooo much!!!

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4 Owliee  
Yayy. Two of my favorite manhwas!!
Thank you for the high quality scanlations!(:

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3 Angelica  
thank you for the update
I think the ex gf is jealous that her old bf said he is dating nan hui

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2 animegirl101100  
yay omg im so excited to read on~~!!! thank you!!!

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1 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!

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