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3:51 PM
Release #203
Hi everyone!
I hope you're all enjoying the summer weather ;D Or at least it's starting to feel like summer where I live.

Today we have two releases. By popular request, we're releasing our version for Chapter 1 of Kiss for ₩ 5000. Our second release is for Wait! Wolf

Enjoy your weekend everyone :3

I hope you all enjoy this chapter!
I'm so sorry that none of us noticed that the version on MF had missing pages ^^;
Hope this helps to fill in the blanks!

Hwan Sung is so sweet. 
I love the Hwi Gyeong & Hwan Sung moments!

Views: 1065 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for ₩, Wait! Wolf
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10 zen  
i really love your work. biggrin :D
& i hope that you'll finish them all.

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9 aiko  
thank you!!!!

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8 CherryLi  
Thank you! I really enjoy 'Kiss for ₩ 5000', so I'm glad to have a better quality of chapter one! ;D

Can't wait to read the following chapters. Thanks again! ^^

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7 Claudine:)  
Can you please upload more chapters of delinquent Cinderella pls pls pls thank you:) and can you tell me will it be out soon thx:D

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6 Mel  
Many thanks for these releases!

Great job as usual^^

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5 keric  
Thanks for the update! Love WW! I can't wait to read when HG finally realises her feelings for HS.

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4 Owliee  
Thank you so much!!!

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3 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!

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2 Maya  
There are just days when reading light and funny stories just cheer one up. heart For that you have my my sincere gratitude.

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1 celestine  
Really thank you for chapter 1.

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